Weight Loss Journey: 8 Week Update

Weight Loss Journey: 8 Week Update 2

Going into week 8 has been a mixed bag of emotions. I am so determined to reach my goals, it’s not easy to accept when things don’t go as exactly as planned.


Weight Loss Journey: 8 Week Update 3


Week 7
I’ve really started to get into the swing of going to the gym and I’m actually really enjoying it now. I feel great when I leave and I’m definitely feeling and seeing the benefits. Areas that used to be wobbly are now less so, like my thighs. I’ve stuck with the 4 days a week so that I still have Wednesday and my weekends free to spend with family, so far that’s working well for me.

I’ve found that I’m able to do a lot more than I used to, I have a lot more energy and I’ve been able to increase my workouts (even on my nemesis, the cross trainer). I’m asthmatic so I’m not expecting to be running marathons anytime soon, but overall my fitness level has improved greatly, so much so that I haven’t used my inhaler in the gym at all this week.

Weight wise I’m still attending the Bodyline Clinic each week and steadily losing between 3-5lbs each visit.

This week also marks the week where I am one digit away from having an overweight BMI rather than Obese. Having spent a good portion of my adult life in the obese category, it’s crazy to think that soon I’ll just be overweight. I know that BMIs aren’t gospel as they don’t take into account other variables but to go from one bracket that can cause lifelong illnesses to a slightly less at-risk bracket, that’s a huge deal for me.

I’m beginning to see the changes in my body myself now, I have viable collarbones, one less chin and most importantly, I’m a comfortable UK size 16.

Week 7 is also the week that I am 3 stone down in my weight loss journey!

Week 8

Spurred on by my success of previous weeks, I went into the week on a high and determined. Personal bests were made at the gym, I started lifting weights and even started a gym class on Wednesday. I really pushed myself.

As with each week, I kept my calories controlled, I weighed everything and stuck to my macros. I felt great
I’ve stopped weighing myself at home now because I’ve found myself hopping on the scales every time I went upstairs which I don’t think is a healthy thing to do for my sanity. So, this week, I left my weight a surprise for when I attended the clinic. For the first time since I started this journey, the scales didn’t move. I’m not going to lie, I was disheartened. I’d pushed myself so hard this week, I’d stayed under my allotted calorie intake, drank plenty of water and my weight loss for the week was a big fat ZERO.

For the whole of Saturday, I felt really down. Logically I know there are reasons as to why I didn’t lose anything this week, most likely that I’ve replaced fat with muscle but it’s the first time in weeks I’ve been disappointed. And that disappointment hit me hard.

It took a while of talking with the Mr and many tears to see that whilst I hadn’t lost weight, I had lost inches. Inches from my stomach and from my thighs. My clothes are far too big, that’s where I should be focussing my attention.


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