Weight Loss Journey: 9 Week Update

Weight Loss Journey: 9 Week Update 2

I wasn’t intending on doing a 9 week update but after feeling deflated last week, I felt a follow up was needed. This week was a little tough and motivation was at a low point, but I persevered because I still have those weight loss goals set. Just like previous weeks, I made the effort to go to the gym on my usual days which I found improved my mood. My overall general fitness has improved over the past few weeks so, I’ve increased my targets at the gym and I’m pushing myself that little bit harder each time.

Weight Loss Journey: 9 Week Update 3


Diet wise, despite my previous disappointment, I continued to stay strict so that I didn’t fall off the bandwagon, I’d only feel worse if I gave up after all my recent hard work. I’ll be honest, it has been a struggle to stay on track. I’ve craved everything sweet, so I’ve been looking for low calorie treats to satisfy my sweet tooth. I’ve also tried to keep my carb intake low by swapping them out for healthier alternatives where possible, I wouldn’t say that I was following a low carb diet but I’m restricting my carb intake and feel better for it.


I’m all booked in for a personal training session next week at the gym. My intention is to have him go over the free weights to show me correct form etc so that I don’t cause myself any injuries. I’m actually looking forward to mixing up my workouts a little by adding squats and deadlifts into my routine.

This week, the Mr was a superstar and pulled some bags of clothes out of the loft. Clothes that I hadn’t worn in years, but I kept hold of just in case. It was like going shopping again but without spending money. I sifted through what I had and whilst trying them on, I managed to squeeze myself into a pair of size 14 skinny jeans. Hurrah! I didn’t keep them on long though, just in case I burst out of them, but I did it! Perhaps I’ll be in a 14 sooner than I thought?


Saturday morning came which meant weigh in day at the Bodyline Clinic. After last week, I was a little apprehensive about going but this time I was prepared and wasn’t expecting much of a loss, if anything. Surprisingly, when I stepped on the scales, I had lost just over 6lbs this week. I’m back in the game!

The nurse at Bodyline has been so supportive, especially when I was feeling a little low about not losing anything at all last week. I kind of wish that I had mentioned how I was feeling at the 8 week weigh-in so that I didn’t spend an entire week feeling low about myself. Better late than never, I spoke with her about how I was feeling and my previous disappointment last week, I threw out lots of questions “where did I go wrong?” “am I not working hard enough?” etc . She reassured me that there are a number of reasons why, from muscle gain, water retention etc, it’s not uncommon, and to hear it from a professional, it was really encouraging to hear. The support and advice that I have received has been great and I left the clinic knowing that I am over half way to my goals now. It’s crazy to think that just two months ago, I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today, it just takes a little determination.

I’m so glad that I didn’t give up, the lows last week have almost been forgotten. I just need to keep reminding myself that there wont be big losses every week, my body is changing and that’s ok with me.

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  1. Hey,

    Love reading about your journey.
    Please do an update x

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