Weight Loss Journey: 6 Week Update

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At the start of week 4, after speaking with the nurse at Bodyline clinic, we switched my prescription from Diethylproprion to Phentermine. Towards the end of week 3, I had started to feel quite hungry outside of mealtimes, I was assured that this is quite normal and some people make the change a few weeks in because of this. It was that type of hunger where you can’t think of anything else and since I didn’t want to undo the changes that I had made over the past few weeks, I agreed that changing to Phentermine was the best solution. Like with my first consultation, the nurse informed me of the possible side effects before I was prescribed my first weeks supply.

Changing to Phentermine went smoothly and I didn’t notice any negative side effects. Just like the Diethylproprion, it was like they provided a boost of energy and I felt energised for the whole day.

 Weight Loss Journey: 6 Week Update 1

Going into week 5, I made another lifestyle change by signing up to the gym. It was time to up my game now that I was confident in my diet. I decided on going 4 times a week with Wednesdays and Weekends as my rest days. I didn’t want to over do it and having those rests days breaks up the week and gives me time to spend with my family.

With my gym kit packed, playlist ready and my workout plan/diary created, I made my first visit to the gym. I won’t lie and say that it came naturally to me. I struggled a lot in the first week, figuring out my routine, managing my asthma and my lack of athleticism. I made sure that I went straight to the gym from the school run so that I wouldn’t go home, get comfortable and make up excuses as to why I couldn’t go to the gym that day. Adding the gym to my plan was just the boost that I needed. Whilst I’m no expert, I’m still that fat sweaty girl, but I’m now that fat, sweaty girl that is enjoying going to the gym. The staff and morning regulars have started to recognise me so there’s always a friendly face around. I’ll admit, when I first started, I was body conscious. What if they judged my appearance? Would they laugh at me etc? I can honestly say that I worried for nothing. I don’t have the perfectly toned gym body; I wiggle and jiggle in all kinds of places, but nobody bats an eye.

Adding exercise to my lifestyle gave me a bounce in my step and spurred me on. At my weekly appointment at the Bodyline Clinic, I wasn’t disappointed. My weight loss was consistent, and I honestly felt positive about achieving my monthly goals.


Week 6

During week 6 I was aiming to fine tune my diet and add weight training to my routine. The weight training was to help tone as I lost the weight and it’s also a great way of fat burning too. I added it to my exercise routine and have slowly been increasing my targets.

From weeks 4-6 I lost a further 4kg (almost 9lbs) and my clothes were starting to get looser. I could see the difference in myself and others had started to notice my weight loss too. I now have visible collarbones and one less chin than I used to have.

Meal wise, I was making sure that I wasn’t snacking and that my meals were balanced. I also made sure that I was drinking enough throughout the day and drank a glass of water before every meal.

The support that I have been receiving from Bodyline Clinic has been great. They answered all my questions and have offered advice when I’ve needed it. This week along with the support from the clinic, they have introduced another tool to help members. B.O.D (Bodyline On Demand) is an interactive online hub for Bodyline members. It offers advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in addition to your clinic visits.

“B.O.D is full of helpful information from expert contributors including hints, tips, video’s and forums along with guidance and support from amazing experts in Personal Styling, Fitness, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Nutrition”

The great thing about B.O.D is that it allows you to connect with other Bodyline members via the B.O.D forums. Here you can share stories and chat to others that are on the same weight loss journey. It’s a great tool for keeping each other motivated.

I’m looking forward to seeing what week 7 brings.

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