7 Helpful Ways To Maintain Your Weight Loss

maintain weight loss

A 2019 Kantar TGI Consumer Dara Report reveals that a growing number of Brits are showing concern for their health, with 38% of UK adults saying they wanted to lose weight that year. Losing weight can be a challenge but worth it in the long run, so it is essential to stay in shape to prevent your efforts from ultimately going to waste. If you wish to learn more about maintaining your weight loss, please take a look at these points.


Lifting weights will improve your strength and assist with weight loss

Less muscle mass is a common side effect of losing weight that you should prepare for to maintain your weight loss efforts. Reduced muscle mass can restrict your ability to keep weight gain at bay because it reduces your metabolism and makes you burn fewer calories throughout the day. Studies indicate that lifting heavy weights after shedding those extra pounds makes it more likely to keep weight off since you can maintain your muscle mass. Consequently, you can join your local gym or create a home gym and lift weights two to four times weekly. This form of resistance training can prevent this muscle loss and preserve and improve your current metabolic rate. However, opt for a weight lifting or strength training regimen that works all your muscle groups to enjoy optimal results.


Get more protein with each meal

Consuming enough protein is also worth considering to maintain your weight, so keep this in mind. Protein reportedly increases the levels of hormones in the body that induce the feeling of fullness and are essential to weight regulation. Therefore, you are likely to feel less hungry by consuming more protein which will induce satiety and lower the number of calories you take in daily. Furthermore, your body requires a large amount of energy to break protein down. As such, regularly consuming protein can increase the number of calories you burn during the day. Thankfully, you can increase your intake of many protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and protein supplements. This way you can be sure that you’re receiving the optimum amount of protein in your daily diet.


Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is reportedly a little like being drunk since it robs you of the mental clarity to make good choices. When you don’t sleep often, your brain’s frontal lobe, the centre of decision-making and impulse control, is less active than usual. Consequently, you are likely to binge-eat and make other poor decisions when you are sleep deprived. In addition, your brain’s reward centres crave fixes when you are sleep deprived, increasing your likelihood of turning to food for comfort. Therefore, prioritise getting enough nightly sleep by adjusting your sleep habits if necessary. For this, you can take melatonin supplements, reduce alcohol intake, optimise your bedroom environment, and avoid long daytime naps.

weight loss meals

Eat mindfully

Mindful eating refers to paying close attention to your internal appetite signals and being attentive while eating. It involves eating slowly, in a distraction-free environment, and chewing thoroughly to savour the aroma and taste of your meal. Eating this way means you are likely to stop eating when you feel satisfied—on the other hand, quickly eating while distracted can easily lead to overeating since you will not recognise fullness. What’s more, mindful eating is worth considering because it is an easy way to maintain your weight without counting calories, so keep this in mind.

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Stay hydrated

Water is vital to weight maintenance for several reasons, so staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining your weight loss. For starters, water is a natural appetite suppressant, reducing a feeling of fullness and lowering your food cravings. Consequently, drinking a glass of water or two before meals can fill your stomach, causing you to eat less overall and maintain your healthy weight. In addition, drinking water can substitute eating at times since you can mistake thirst for hunger easily. Furthermore, drinking water improves calorie burning throughout the day, so you should undoubtedly increase your water intake while watching your weight. Also, consider drinking cold water over warm water often for your weight maintenance efforts. Your body reportedly burns more calories by heating the water ingested for digestion, leading to effective weight maintenance.


Manage your stress levels

Stress and weight gain have a longstanding association that several studies have proven repeatedly. Therefore, keeping your stress levels low is crucial to ensuring the extra pounds you lost remain missing. Elevated stress facilitates a downward slope to weight gain because it increases your cortisol levels. In response to stress, cortisol is naturally produced by your body, sending it into fight-or-flight mode, slowing your metabolism and halting regular bodily functions. Although this response is necessary for survival situations, the extra surge of energy in your body increases your appetite significantly. In addition, elevated cortisol levels induce cravings for salty, fatty, and sweet foods, so you are likely to indulge in french fries, burgers, milkshakes, and other junk food instead of consuming a well-balanced meal. Thankfully, there are numerous things you can do to combat stress and keep your cortisol levels low. Yoga, meditation, painting, reading, and watching your favourite TV show are some everyday activities you can explore to keep stress and cortisol in check, avoiding any triggers for compulsive eating.


Track your food intake

Weight loss is easier to maintain if you pay enough attention to the amounts and types of foods you consume daily, mainly carbohydrates. White pasta, white bread, fruit juices, and other refined carbohydrates can shatter your weight loss maintenance goals if you consume them excessively. These refined carbs have been stripped of their natural fibre, which is crucial in promoting fullness. Consequently, you will likely consume more of them to feel full, leading to weight gain and obesity in the long term. Additionally, consider limiting your carb intake, in general, to maintain your weight loss instead of merely avoiding refined carbs. You are less likely to consume more calories than you burn by following a low carb diet, a crucial component of weight loss maintenance. 


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