Classic Jewellery Pieces You Should Own

Classic Jewellery Pieces You Should Own 2

Once you have a child, your priorities shift in a big way! Your focus becomes all about your child and the things they need. However, it’s just as important to take care of yourself and treating yourself to nice things doesn’t make you a bad parent. In fact, if you feel good, you’re going to be happier and therefore a much better parent to your child.

If you are looking to treat yourself, what better way than to invest in new jewellery? Here, you’ll discover the top jewellery pieces that every mum should have.



At the very least, you’ll want to own a great pair of earrings. However, the type you go for should be practical for the age of your child. For example, if you have a baby or a toddler, there’s every chance they will reach for your earrings and grab hold of them for dear life. This could easily rip them out which won’t just be painful, but it will lead to a possible risk of infection too.

So, if you do have a small child, opt for studs which can’t be easily pulled out. You can find a great range of high quality earrings from stores such as F. Hinds.


Pearl jewellery

Pearls tend to have a reputation as something older people wear. However, fashion designers have started to make them trendy! Owning a good quality set of pearls can really add elegance and modern chic to an outfit. So, although you definitely don’t get out as much as you used to, it’s still a good idea to have a piece of elegant jewellery like a pearl bracelet, for special occasions.

A pendant necklace

If you like to keep your look simple and demure, a pendant necklace is a great investment. They come in a huge choice of designs, ensuring you’ll always be able to find something to match your style. They are great for everyday wear and come at great affordable prices too. So, if you’re struggling to choose which type of jewellery to buy, start with a pendant necklace!


A nice watch

Finally, another thing every mum should have is a nice watch. You’re going to need one to keep checking the time whenever you’re trying to get your kids ready and out of the house! A watch comes in far more useful than you might think, and you can invest in some great designer ones these days too.

So, there you have it – some of the top pieces of jewellery every mum should own. Just because you’ve had children doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself from time to time. Start by investing in the pieces above and remember to choose high-quality jewellery to ensure it lasts the test of time.

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