Sponsored Video: Alpro Almond – Nature’s Nuts UK

Sponsored Video: Alpro Almond - Nature's Nuts UK 2

You may have been following my weight loss journey over the past few months but if you haven’t, myself and the Mr are on a mission to ditch the pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle. We’ve been sourcing healthier alternatives and having a complete diet overhaul.

Firstly we ditched the unnecessary fats, sugars and reduced our carbohydrate intake. We replaced our sugary drinks and snacks with nuts, dried fruits, berries and water. This is where we discovered a love for almonds, almond flour, roasted almonds, almonds in pretty much any shape or form.

We were happy with our replacements but one thing that were still struggling with was milk, it was still taking up a large chunk of our daily calorie limit. On cereals, coffee, in tea and protein shakes, throughout the day it all adds up. We were happy to drink black tea and coffee but water and cereals really are unappetising, so we planned to find a healthier alternative to milk.


Our solution came in the form of our beloved snack, almonds, well almond milk. I was a little doubtful at first I am now an almond milk convert, even the Mr enjoys his protein shake made up with almond milk after his ride home from work and after his gym sessions. We’re more than happy that we took the plunge and gave it a go.

You can find out more about Alpro Almond by visiting their website

This is a sponsored post for Alpro but all thoughts and words are my own.

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