Dear Fairy Godmother, please make me skinny!

Dear Fairy Godmother, please make me skinny! 2

This week me and the Mr have decided that enough is enough, we really need to do something about our dreadful eating habit’s and diets.

Step one of this was to identify our problem areas, for me my day starts with skipping breakfast. So from the very start of my day I am going wrong, it leads me to grabbing a quick snack around 11am followed by a healthy lunch, then more snacks and finally dinner. Depending on the days activities we either sit down for dinner as a family or wait until Isabelle goes to bed and then we order a takeaway….a big fat busting takeaway.

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Step two is to exercise, no matter what I say when t comes to exercising it sounds as though I am making excuses but the fact of the matter is by 8pm when Isabelle is all tucked up in bed the last thing that I want to do is drag my backside to the gym only to return home after 10. I need something that I can do during the days when I am looking after Isabelle.

Now I lost a few stone when I was pregnant with Isabelle, this was due to morning (all day!) sickness and the constant full feeling but gradually over the past 18 months the weight has crept back on (the sneaky bugger). I have around 4 stone to lose but I am not going to obsess over scales and weight, what I am interested in is the clothes size. Currently I am a size 16 but my target size is a 10/12.

My relationship with food could be better and my will power turns to 0 after a couple of days of dieting.

Dear Fairy Godmother, please make me skinny! 3

As usual, I have turned to the internet for tips and a spot of advice on losing weight which is where I have been surprised at my findings. Using the search term “Losing Weight” I discovered that the first search results that I came across were ones of Faddy diets and diets consisting of pre-made meals delivered to your door for an extortionate cost. Some costing almost twice the amount of my weekly family shopping budget and they only feed one person! When I have a family to feed, it is just not practical for me to subscribe to these diet plans no matter how may weeks they give you free for signing up.


Amazingly there are many sites claiming to promise a 20lb weight loss in 30 days with no exercising, simply “buy my e-book for $19.99, and I’ll tell you how” you can’t blame me for being sceptical. Even better I can lose weight with these miracle pills that are 100% guaranteed to work, just see these testimonials from our satisfied customers.

I just want a place where I can plan my daily exercises that I can do at home without having to sign up to a gym and where I can track my progress as well as monitor my intake, then I remembered that a few years back I signed up to a community site called Spark People, I discovered that they include free personal diet plans which you can tailor to suit your personal preferences and it also provides a weekly shopping list. What is also included in this free service is a tailored workout for the week. Every aspect of the weight loss program is trackable, from number of glasses of water to snacks consumed during the day.


They have  massive online community with groups based on hobbies, location, goals and age. Although the site is predominantly American there is a large growing number of members from the UK who are all there to support one and other. It’s well worth a look especially since it is completely free.

So here I go on another attempt to lose this belly and become the skinny minnie I have always dreamed of being. I’ll need all the support I can get, so if you see me hovering over a piece of cake or stalking the biscuit barrel like it is my delicious prey, Stop Me! no matter how much I protest that I need the sugary goodness and most certainly if I am drooling!

Starting Size: 16
Current Size: 16
Weight Lost: 0lbs
Target Size: 10

I have not been paid to writ this post nor have a I been given anything in return. I simply found this to be a great service which I felt was worth writing about. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy

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