Review – MAM Baby Bowl

Review - MAM Baby Bowl 2

The lovely people at MAM UK have sent us the MAM Baby Bowl to put to the test and review.

I shall start by saying that Isabelle is a very hands on child and loves to do everything for herself. When it comes to feeding times she gets rather frustrated at me holding the bowl that contains HER dinner. She wants the bowl and it’s tasty contents. This is where the MAM Baby Bowl comes into its own. It has a removable suction cup that secures the bowl firmly in place on a flat surface. Perfect for use in her high chair, or on her Bumbo tray. This feature was ideal for Isabelle as she couldn’t pick up and throw her bowl around like usual, the only mess that we had at feeding time was now from Isabelle taking the contents out of the bowl herself.

Review - MAM Baby Bowl 3

The bowl features two levels which is designed to help toddlers be able to pick up food easier, Isabelle was able to pick out  sweetcorn from the bowl when she usually chases it around so it really does help having the two levels.


Review - MAM Baby Bowl 4

The bowl also comes with a lid which is great for taking lunches out without spillages. This has always been an issue for us when eating out, I have tested the durability (not quite confident enough to attempt to leave it loose inside my changing bag on the first test so we popped it in a plastic bag just in case.) It certainly passed the test when it contained juicy fruits and a treturous yoghurt’s, I was thrilled to discover that there were no spills.

I have used the bowl to allow Isabelle to self feed her finger foods and I have also used the bowl whilst spoon feeding Isabelle, I have not discovered any problems and the bowl was very comfortable to hold whilst enduring the feeding process.

Review - MAM Baby Bowl 5

We were provided the bowl in the lovely pink colour but it is also available in blue.

Suitable from 6 months + the bowl makes an ideal weaning bowl that will last through until the child is able to eat from “grown up” plates as the bowl can actually hold enough food for a toddler.

Review - MAM Baby Bowl 6

The bowl has an RRP of £5.10 which is quite reasonable when you consider the age range and the features.

I will not be going back to any other bowl not that we have used the MAM Baby Bowl.

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