KidKraft Once Upon A Time Doll House Review

KidKraft Once Upon A Time Doll House Review 2

The one thing that Little Legs had consistently asked Santa for this Christmas was a dolls house, being huge fans of Kid Kraft I knew that there was only one option when it came to which manufacturer, it had to be KidKraft as we’d never been disappointed with them. You may remember that we have recently reviewed the KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen which we adored, so we went ahead and started looking at the many dolls house models available from KidKraft.

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Since Little Legs had recently become quite the Disney Princess fan, there was one dolls house that seemed to be quite fitting for a princess, the Once Upon A Time Doll House. It ticked all of Little Legs’ boxes and I knew that she would be delighted with it.

We ordered the house and just like the kitchen it came flat packed in a large box. One of the things that I love about KidKraft is how well packaged their items are. Each piece was  well protected with either Styrofoam sheets or polythene roll and the smaller items packed inside boxes, again wrapped in polythene roll. This did cause for a lot of packaging mess/clean up at the end but it’s worth it to ensure that your product arrives safely.

Just like with the other KidKraft products that we have, it came with a clear set of step by step instructions, a handy labelled pack of tools and screws and also the pieces were clearly labelled by number. I’m not a huge fan of flat packs but everything really is so easy to follow and there are no guessing games and everything went smoothly. The screws of the build are all colour coded to the piece that they connect to, which makes the whole thing aesthetically pleasing. Who wants big garish screws on a pretty dolls house, right?


On Christmas Eve we set to building the Dolls House just after Little Legs had excitedly been put to bed. Three hours later and a quick takeaway break, we had finished. Yes, you read that right, I did say THREE hours. THREE hours for two people to piece together a dolls house may seem long to you, but you have to understand that there are sooooo many parts and little bits. Plus we were very much limited to space due our small living room and the massive tree that I had to have this year. I’d definitely say to set aside a few hours to build. Our house was all set up, complete with the included 23 pieces of furniture and not so neatly wrapped for Little Legs to open the following morning.

The dolls house itself is huge, I may have underestimated just how big it would be. It towers over Little Legs, our large cat Jasper happily walks between the floor and doorways and its big enough for Little Legs and her friends to play with without fighting for space. It really is a large dolls house at over 4 feet tall and 4 1/2 feet wide so it’s best to make sure that you have the space before you plan on putting it in.


The House is perfect for 11-12” dolls (Barbie Sized) and we filled ours with Disney Dolls, there’s no surprise that Anna And Elsa featured in our dolls house amongst Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, Prince Eugene and Prince Eric.

The house contains 7 rooms over 3 floors. To the ground floor we have a grand staircase in the hall which is framed by two large pillars to the entrance. This floor also includes a functional kitchen with a large chucky oven and a table with matching bench. For a more grander affair, there is also a dining room complete with table and chairs.


The staircase leads to the first floor which features a grand throne room with two luxuriously gold thrones and a working lamp. A relaxing sitting room with chaise longue, a keyboard that plays realistic sounds and a golden spiral staircase which leads onto the top floor. Between these two rooms is another large room with a balcony and a regal chandelier. We have been using this room as a ballroom for our extravagant soirées.


The second floor of the house features a rather spacious bedroom with walls adorned with decorative pieces, a full length standing mirror and a luxurious four poster bed with gorgeous floral patterned curtains fit for a princess. There is also a bathroom with a large tub and toilet that makes real flushing sounds and another balcony (complete with creeping vines).


No dolls house is complete without a swimming pool and this house is no exception. The exterior features a pool area with a relaxing lounge chair and also some extravagant steps to the entrance of the house.

The whole house is full of extra little details to make it a truly wonderful toy. From the shrubbery to the exterior of the property to the detailing of the windows and creeping vines. I’m more than happy with our purchase and would recommend the KidKraft dolls houses to anyone.


I myself, have spent many hours on the floor creating and re-enacting our favourite fairytales with Little Legs. It’s become such a creative way of roll playing and it’s lovely to see Little Legs imagination develop as she comes up with stories and ideas. She will happily spend hours playing with her dolls and it’s such a delight to see.

Little Legs loves this dolls house, I don’t think I have ever seen her smile as much as when she unwrapped it on Christmas morning. I have no doubt that Little Legs will continue to love playing with the house for years to come as she is only 4 now, the excellent build quality would certainly ensure that it will last for many years.


My only qualm is that I found the mirror often pops out of the stand, I soon resolved this with a spot of blu tac. Everything else I absolutely love, and it makes me grin from ear to ear to see how much enjoyment little legs gets out of this house.

I could honestly write all day about my love for this Dolls house and Kidkraft but I won’t. Just to add that this review has not been paid for, nor was I sent the item to review. This was purchased with our own money and we loved it that much that we had to share our views.

They are very much worth the time and effort of building them, especially when you see just how lovely they are and how long they will last. I’m a big advocate for wooden toys like this over flimsier plastic ones that wouldn’t have a long life at all.


  1. Are you able to detach the pool area and put it off to the side to avoid kids stepping on it when playing? Also what about the stairs?

    1. The pool area can be removed but that would also mean removing the steps and columns at the front too

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