Olly The Little White Van DVD Review

Olly The Little White Van DVD Review 2

Little Legs is car and truck crazy,  if it has an engine and makes noise then it has her attention. Her current favourites are buses, trucks, trains and diggers; they never fail to get her little excited feet stomping.  She’s rarely without a toy car and makes sure that she carries one around in her backpack or treasure box so anything car or vehicle related gets her attention.



We were recently sent a copy of Olly the little white van to review much to the delight of Little Legs. Olly the little white van, voiced by Justin Fletcher is a cartoon aimed at pre-school children which is written, design and animated in the UK.  Little Legs enjoys watching a cartoon at breakfast time before her busy day at nursery so this gave us the perfect opportunity to watch Olly over some fresh fruit and croissants. Olly the little while van started airing in 2011 and is now airing daily on Milkshake at 06.50am as well as showing on Cartoonito and Boomerange.

Olly isn’t a racing car or fire engine, but he and his driver Stan are very good at helping everyone out, every day. Like an enthusiastic puppy he bounds around the village of Bumpton talking to everyone, and is happiest when he is setting up a new bus service to the seaside, helping Alice when she is preparing for her driving test, or sprucing up an old VW.


Little Legs and never seen the show before and i had never heard of it so it was all completely new to us. Each episode was packed with Olly and his friends who are all very enjoyable characters. We found ourselves singing along with the theme tune and songs that featured in every episode. The episodes themselves were quite captivating, especially for a pre-schooler but they did seem a little on the short side at only 5 minutes long (including the intro and credits) For children that don’t have a great attention span then 5 minutes is probably long enough but Little Legs is used to watching shows that are longer that.

Overall we found that Olly was a lovely program to watch, the stories were well thought out and rather lovely. The bright colours and musical aspect of the show are captivating to young children but I do feel that the episodes could benefit from being a little longer.

You can find out more at www.ollythelittlewhitevan.co.uk

Disclosure: We received a copy of Olly the little white van to review but all the opinions expressed are my own.

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