Meet the Super Fruits!

Meet the Super Fruits! 2

A team of superheroes like no other have been fighting the battle for healthy snacks and meals in our home. Meet the Healthy Avengers – the team of Super Fruits


We were inspired to create our superhero team by Plum Baby Mighty Moments competition through Tots100 where they are challenging bloggers to come up with a healthy superhero.

Isabelle loves her fruits, pulses and most vegetables, they make up most of her diet and provide her with a healthy balanced diet. She understands that we would rather her have healthy snacks and meals over junk food options and that is why we have an open fridge policy in our home. Isabelle has access to a fridge packed full of fresh vegetables and a fruit bowl which is available to her whenever she fancies a snack. She also loves her dried fruit and we always make sure that we have a varied selection to help satisfy her sweet tooth. She enjoys making herself a little pick and mix of dried fruits, nuts and berries for the day.

At school she has been learning all about the importance of healthy foods and she’s also very much a fan of superheroes so fusing the two together was something exciting and fun for her to do. We sat down this afternoon to talk about her favourite fruits and why she likes them, this then gave us the idea for our entry into the Plum Baby Mighty Moments competition. With my handy helper we set about making our own team from some of her favourite fruits, all complete with superhero capes and special abilities, I may have gone a little overboard making them their own little badges to but I am nothing if not thorough. We also had lots of fun creating and sticking the back ground for Super Fruits to pose in front of for their world wide debut.


Our Team of Fruits include

  • Captain Green Apple: He has the ability to plant new seeds to grow lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Super Orange: She provides the vitamin C which helps to fight off colds and germs.
  • Sassy Strawberry Duo: They make the best smoothies to fill little bellies
  • Side Kick Cherries: These little guys are super clever
  • Big Red the Apple: Is super fast and strong


This is our entry into the Tots100/Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge. You can find our more about the challenge here.


  1. They’re great! The backdrop and badges are the little details that make all the difference 😀

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