Healthy Lunchbox Lunches – Asian Salad with Salmon

Healthy Lunchbox Lunches – Asian Salad with Salmon 2

A healthy lunch full of flavour and crunch that will fill you up until dinner time


We have been following the Paleo diet for a couple of months now to help improve our eating habits and to lose some weight. At first we found it a struggle, not to actually stick to the diet but to find meal ideas that we wouldn’t get bored with. The first couple of weeks were the same old salads perhaps varying the meats and cheeses but when I started to dream of potatoes I knew drastic action needed to take place in order for us to actually stick to our diets, we needed to mix things up a little, just because we couldn’t eat certain foods didn’t mean we had to be boring and eat the same everyday.

Today we have experimented with an Asian green salad with grilled salmon and homemade soy, chilli and ginger sauce. Packing in as much flavour as I could, this salad turned out to be a healthy treat and certainly something I will look forward to eating again.

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]So there you have it, we would love to know what you think or if you have any suggestions to make this salad even better

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