The World Cup is right around the corner

The World Cup is right around the corner 2

The football World Cup is right around the corner and for many Mums of families with husbands, sons and maybe daughters obsessed by the whole thing – it’s a case of if you can’t beat them (i.e. in convincing them all it’s boring…) you may as well join them.


In other words – the whole thing passes off in a far more enjoyable way if you really throw yourself into the whole sprit of the World Cup.

So here’s all you need to know; there are eight groups (A-H) of four teams each. Each team in the group plays each other once and, at the end of all these mini leagues, the top 16 go through to the knockout phase. You then have the second round whereby the winner of group A plays the runner-up of group B and so on. These matches are then followed by the quarter-finals, which are also pre-determined by the winners of each match versus the winners of another and all this continues to the final.

So there we have it; eight little leagues then all a country has to do is win out over the following four games and they’re home and dry; easy!

All this takes place between 12th June with the opening game of Brazil vs. Croatia, at the Arena de Sao Paulo, and the final on Sunday 13th July at the Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro.

If you want to try and pick a nation to follow, then as things stand, Brazil (the home nation of course) are favourites with at a little better than 3-1. Having a bet on a country can help make the whole tournament a little more interesting for those of us who have to force our interest a little for an easy life for the month.

With Betfair, you usually get slightly better odds. That’s because Betfair is the world’s foremost betting exchange – so there’s no bookmaker, just a coming together of buyers and sellers.

This also means that you can accept (or ‘lay’) bets. This is great if you back one side then have a change of heart.

It all helps make the competition more interesting. And if you want a really interesting longshot – then how about Italy, four time World Cup winners, at a very generous 25-1 with Betfair? Those odds could really keep your interest up

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