The Top Six Wedding Gift Ideas

The Top Six Wedding Gift Ideas 2

Finding something appropriate to give as a wedding gift is easier said than done. Not only you do have to buy something that appeals to both the groom and the bride, but you also have to make sure that it isn’t too cheap or needlessly expensive. You also want to make sure that your gift is actually used, rather than stored in the attic by the newly wed couple and never seen again. Here are six of the best wedding gifts.

An Upgrade To First-Class Honeymoon Tickets

Amongst the first and foremost things on the minds of newly weds will be their upcoming honeymoon and a gift that enhances this special holiday experience for them will be highly appreciated.

However, enhancing their honeymoon experience is difficult to do without being too intrusive and ruining their own plans. The best and only way to do this then is through upgrading their flight tickets to first-class. Nobody would rather sit anywhere else but first-class on a flight.


Giving money may be a pretty obvious gift choice but it’s obvious for a reason. Married life is obviously very financially straining and so newly weds will always appreciate money as a gift to help them on their way.

Since the newly wed couple has most likely just paid for their wedding, honeymoon hotel and flight costs, and other important payments relevant to weddings and marriages, they will need and appreciate as money if it comes from an appropriate source. Giving money to a friend may be a no-no but a parent or sibling could do well to offer some sort of assistance.


The great thing about artwork as a wedding gift is that if they like it, it will remain with them forever. You will have to make sure that the artwork is a good piece and since art is subjective, you may want to base the artwork on what the newlywed couple already own.

Furthermore, you will want both of the newly weds to like the artwork and so you should consider both of their tastes and likely preferences.

Artwork also has quite a sentimental essence to it that’ll be appreciated – providing you pick a meaningful piece.


Matching Watches

Matching bride and groom watches are incredible gifts to give a newly wed couple – providing that you can afford to spend the amount of money needed to acquire two top quality timepieces.

There are a number of watches that are available in both male and female versions and you should scour sites like, to ensure you find the right pair.

A Cashmere Blanket

There most likely isn’t one human being in this often bitterly cold country who would not like a cashmere blanket as a gift. Extremely comfortable and used often throughout the winter and colder months, cashmere blankets will always be appreciated as a gift – and even more so since they’re quite pricey.

A Vase

If you find a gorgeous vase that you’re convinced the newly wed couple will like, then you must get them that as a wedding gift.

You will have to make sure that the vase isn’t cheap looking however and is in tune with what you understand to be the tastes of the newly wed couple.

If the newly wed couple already have a place together, then you should base the vase you give them on the interior style and design of their home.

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