Sponsored Video: Samsung Dream the Blues

Sponsored Video: Samsung Dream the Blues 2

Every child has big dreams, it can be anything from future aspiring careers to meeting their idols. At that age the world is their oyster and anything is possible. For me the one thing that I wanted most was to be a member of the Planeteers, you know of the TV show Captain Planet. My dreams and ambitions changed as I grew but being a Planeteer is the first thing that I can really remember truly wanting, I even fashioned my own Planeteer ring out of tin foil. Being the realistic adult that I am now, that dream would never really have happened as it was a cartoon but nobody ever discouraged me and I am glad that they didn’t. For a child it’s important to have dreams and goals, I even go along with Isabelle’s current career choices of superhero or pirate, although I do hope she doesn’t follow through with any of them but let’s be honest, she’s 3 and last week she wanted to be a cowboy.

I hate to think that children are often discouraged for their dreams or told that they would never come true. This year Samsung are running the ‘Dream the Blues’ campaign once again, making many children’s creams come true.


Samsung have teamed up with Chelsea FC to offer to teach football skills in three different countries, China, Colombia and Vietnam in hope that it will inspire young people with their football dreams and allow them to meet and even play with great Chelsea heroes. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity which has the capabilities of changing a child’s life. The campaign sees Dream the Blues football training sessions being held in local youth football camps in every country up until the campaign comes to an end with a final Dream the Blues Camp taking place in London in May.


The scheme which started in 2007 has already benefited more 5,000 children across the world making their dreams a reality. This could be a dream come true for a lot of children, to find out how you can get involved take a look at the links below.

You can visit the Dream the Blues Youtube Channel

or even the official Dream the Blues Website

You find find out more about previous Dream the Blues Campaigns here

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