Weight Loss Journey: 2-3 Week Update

Weight Loss Journey: 2-3 Week Update 2

I’ve been attending the Bodyline Clinic now for 3 weeks since being prescribed Diethylpropion 75mg in my first consultation. So far, my experience has been great with no negative side effects in sight. They do provide me with a boost of energy, and I’ve found myself waking earlier than normal but there have been no sudden drops in energy throughout the day, so I’m not going to complain about that.

Weight Loss Journey: 2-3 Week Update 3


As prescribed, the tablets have suppressed my appetite and it’s taken a while to adjust my daily lifestyle. I’m not usually a breakfast person, pre weight loss journey, I would skip breakfast and opt for a snack later on which wasn’t a very healthy way of starting my day and I wasn’t doing myself any favours. Now I’m consciously making the effort to ensure that I have something to eat in the mornings, even if it’s something small, my go to is to grab some fruit.


From the first consultation at Bodyline, we had set a target to lose between 1-2 lbs per week. By the end of week 3, I was down 11.4 lbs (that’s between 3-4 lbs each week!) so I’m thrilled!

I did find that because I wasn’t really feeling hunger during the day, I ate my meals quite late, sometimes eating lunch at around 3pm and dinner around 8pm. I’ll be making sure that I change that going forward so that I am eating at a decent time. After consulting with the nurse at the Bodyline Clinic, she offered some great support and advice to set reminders on my phone to eat at specific times until I was used to the new lifestyle change. She also expressed the importance of eating regularly and avoid skipping meals.


Food wise, I’m not following any particular diet, I’m just calorie counting and using the MyFitnessPal app. I’ve found it to be a really useful tool for tracking my food intake. I’ve been avoiding snacking, mainly because I don’t really feel the need to but if I do fancy a snack (usually something sweet) my go to has been sliced apples.


Admittedly, I’ve found it difficult adjusting my diet, especially evening meals with my family, sometimes they will have dessert afterwards, but I have stayed strong and stuck to my reduced calorie diet. I have also gone over my portion sizes to make sure that I am not overeating.


Overall, I’d say that the first few weeks have been a big success and I’m happy with my weight loss so far.

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