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The Bodyline Clinic 2

I mentioned in my initial weight loss post that I would be working with Bodyline Clinic at the start of my weight loss journey. Like most people, I had a lot of questions and wanted to know more about who they were and what they offer.


Firstly, who are Bodyline and what do they do?
Bodyline Clinic currently operate eight weight loss and wellness clinics across the North West, England. They specialise in offering quality, private weight loss treatments and long term weight management for both men and women. They aim to provide a personal weight loss programme put together by an experienced team of dedicated doctors and specialised nurses.

What does it involve?
Bodyline Clinic are the number one provider of clinically supervised weight loss in the North West. Once registered and you have had your first consultation, they offer one to one, drop in style appointments with doctors and nurses.

Is it safe?
Bodyline Clinic are the only UK organisation that holds both Home Office licences and CQC status. This means that all of their services are regulated, and they are able to provide safe and effective medical weight loss programme for many.

Bodyline Clinic Room

My Experience – The Consultation
I had my very first consultation at the Openshaw Clinic at the end of August. The first thing that I will mention is that I was pleasantly surprised by the clinic itself, it didn’t’ have that typical, medical doctors type waiting room.  The décor of the reception and waiting area had more of a relaxed and calming, spa like feel to it.

I met with Sally, the MD before my appointment. Sally has successfully grown the Bodyline brand over the past 15 years. She explained how Bodyline works, what they can offer and answered all of my questions about their services. Now, for years (prior to my consultation) I was under the impression that paying for weight loss treatments was a bit of a grey area and almost too good to be true, there had to be a catch?

You often hear horror stories of people having reactions to pills that they have bought online or via friends etc. Miracle pills where you don’t exactly know what you are taking but have heard that your Aunts, best friends, cousin lost X amount of weight on. Or there’s those magic products that you see people trying to sell on Facebook, these healthy milk shake meal replacement diets that your old friends from school is telling you is the best weight loss diet ever and you should buy it from them. I explained my concerns to Sally and she put me at ease. Bodyline clinic do not provide a quick fix miracle. What they do provide is a personalised weight loss programme and full support with everything from regulated treatments, to your diet and exercise.

For my actual consultation with the nurse, we went through my prefilled registration form and she put me at ease by answering any questions that I had, and going through my concerns. She wanted to know what my goals were and what I was looking to achieve, so that we could set a realistic programme that would work for me.

My measurements were taken such as height, weight, body measurement’s, BMI and also blood pressure. It was then all recorded on my personal file. After discussing my medical history we then went through options for treatment that would be most suitable for me. I was assured that this could be changed in future if I wanted to.

What treatments are available?

All treatments are prescribed by a fully licensed prescribing nurse and they will advise you on the most suitable options, along with dosage etc.

Phentermine and Diethylpropion
These are both safe and effective appetite suppressants that are only available on prescription. They are only prescribed to those with a BMI of over 27.1

SlimPen – Weight Loss Injection

Also known as Saxenda is a once daily self-injectable prefilled pen that aids in effective weight loss by reducing hunger and cutting cravings.

Phent H
This is a natural alternative the Phentermine which has been proven to help reduce fat, supress your appetite and boost your metabolism. It can also be used as a booster product and taken alongside other Bodyline medications.

Vitamin Cloud Sprays

Vitamin D3 and B12 sprays can be used alongside your medications as the perfect-pick-me-ups.

At the end of my consultation, we decided that it would be the best option to start me on Diethylpropen, one tablet a day. I had heard about the SlimPen from others but this was not an option available to me due to prior medical conditions. The prescribing nurse explained the low risk of possible side effects of the drug and that I could contact Bodyline if I had any concerns. My course of treatment would be assessed on my next visit to the clinic.
Once registered and you have had your consultation, you can then attend the drop in clinics at times to suit you on a walk-in basis. Treatments can be prescribed for up to 4 weeks at a time but I have opted to attend weekly so that I see the nurse each week to measure my progress.

At the end of my visit I felt really reassured and was very happy with the support that I had been given. The staff were all friendly and welcoming, which made the experience less daunting for me. Whilst it is a relaxed atmosphere, every step had been very professional and I had no doubts about the service that I was receiving.
Obviously, I must add that by no means is this a miracle cure, it still requires exercise and a healthy diet on your part.

I’ll be back soon with and update on my first 1-2 weeks


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