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Review - MAM Bite and Play 2

Isabelle has been teething heavily and we have tried all sorts of teethers to try and help, this is when we came across the MAM Bite and Play Teether. We were lucky enough to purchase one on special offer in Tesco for the bargain price of £.3.06 but they retail for a very reasonable price of £5.99
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MAM Bite and Play

Straight away I noticed that it is unique unlike other teethers I had seen as it incorporates a curve design so that the centre is raised, this means that the teether can easily be picked up by little hands. The teether aims to be fun and exciting with the use of a rattle ball that changes colour as it spins, this can even be played with whilst the baby has the teether to their mouth. Another great aspect of the unique shape is that it even allows the baby to reach all parts of their gums including the molars. The teether boasts a variety of textures to help soothe teething pain, these textures are varied across the three main sections of the teether. Sections including the rattle, soft water filled chamber and a slightly harder textured ring.

Isabelle was instantly attracted by the bright colourful design and made a grab for it as soon as I had pulled it from the fridge. Without a moment to spare she was chewing on the water filled chamber whilst flicking he rattle section with her spare hand. We soon discovered that as well as being functional, it also doubles up as a toy that Isabelle actually likes to play with. This is great for saving room in my changing bag, one less toy to carry. With some teethers I have found they are a little bulky and often too big for her mouth but we have had no problems with the Bite and Play as she is able to get all parts in her mouth she has even taken delight in trying to put it in my mouth to. It is certainly an essentail in our changing bag and a firm favourite when at home. For us it scores highly in all areas and certainly ticks all of our boxes when it comes to looking for a teether.

In summary I can only say that I wish that I had bought this product sooner.

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