Review – Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Cluster Jewellery

Teething Baby

When we first heard of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces we were a little sceptical and it sounded too good to be true but with Isabelle being a happy little girl one minute and a teething monster the next we would try anything. After a lot of research and a lot of positive results from others then why the hell not?


How do they work?


Well they release succinic acid when worn by the child. Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory and is an age-old method known to effectively alleviate teething symptoms in young children and babies.  Obviously the closer they are to the source of the pain the better and you can’t get much closer than the teething necklace can you?


Isabelle is teething heavily at the moment and is cross cutting so we have no idea where the next tooth is coming from. From her rosy cheeks to drooly chops and her chewing everything in sight we are at our wits end.  Gels like Bongela and teething powders helped a little but they aren’t a long-term solution and when she is ratty it becomes a real chore to try to get the gel into her unwilling mouth. Our main problem is that when teething she is very shy  of us putting anything in her mouth or even going near it……you see how that can be a problem? She can have her whole fist in her mouth and be putting any object in there to try and soothe her gums but no parents allowed.


Teething Baby

I knew that we could not totally alleviate the pain for her but a little comfort would be nice, nice for all of us.


We were asked to review the Children’s Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Cluster Jewellery and we jumped at the chance. Cluster Jewellery started off creating intricate and unique pieces of jewellery for adults with beautiful detailing and has expanded to create the teething necklaces.

From a variety of premade designs there is a style to suit all tastes, not only that but the talented lady will also create custom designs allowing you to choose the bead colours yourself. As well as the necklaces you can also purchase the Baltic amber teething bracelets for your teething child, again available in a variety of designs and also custom designs to.  There are a variety of options available, even down to the shape of the beads, round, nuggets and oval to with a choice of polished and un-polished surfaces.


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


The delivery of the necklace was surprisingly quick and I was very impressed with the service. We were sent the rainbow design with round polished beads. Starting with the darker Cherry beads leading through to cognac, honey and then lemon.  I must admit that I would have worn this myself (if they were big enough for adults.) The first thing that I noticed other than the lovely colours of the beads was that all of the beads were individually double safety knotted to minimise the risk of a choking hazard. The necklaces also have a fitted screw clasp which makes it difficult for little fingers to fiddle with and undo themselves but it also acts as a safety feature, in the event that excess pressure is applied the clasp will give and release the necklace. So far so good, not only does it look great but I know that Isabelle would be safe to wear it.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

So does the necklace fit its purpose?


Well usually is a happy little chappy and full of smiles and giggles but when the teething monster reared its ugly head Isabelle became an inconsolable grumpy little madam. It was time to whip out the fancy new necklace. After a couple of days Isabelle was noticeably happier, yes she still had her moments of being grumpy as there was still some discomfort but her little cheeks were no longer fire engine red and her drooling had reduced greatly, she no longer had the Niagara Falls of saliva . The necklace is very light weight and fits perfectly at 12.5”, Isabelle hardly notices that it is there except when we first put it on in the mornings and she has a good fiddle to inspect it.


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


Without a doubt her teething symptoms have definitely abated and we a more than thrilled with the results from the teething necklace.


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


Available to purchase from Cluster Jewellery with prices starting at £10 for the necklaces and £7 for the 5.5” bracelets. From the results that we have had they are well worth the money.

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  1. Great review!!! Amber teething necklaces are very popular in Baltic countries and have been around for a long time! I am happy to see the becoming more and more popular in US too!

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