Review – Method Eco Friendly Products

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 2

We were kindly sent some of the products from the Method cleaning products line. Now being a parent I am constantly on the go running around after Isabelle, I often feel like I should have a brush and shovel attached to my hands. Along with this I also have a dog and a cat (& partner) to tidy up after. With all this cleaning I want to make sure that I am using quality products, this is why we chose to review the Method range (and because they are a firm favourite with the celebrities like Brad Pitt and Stella McCartney!)

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 3

Method products are designed to be safe for every surface, not only that but they are environmentally friendly. The packaging on most of the products are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable.

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 4

Our first product to put to the test was the All Purpose Surface Cleaner, we received the pink grapefruit fragrance but it is also available in French lavender. As it says on the bottle it really is an all-purpose surface cleaner suitable for sinks, tubs, countertops, taps, tiles and more. The cleaner is made from corn/coconut derived surfactants and works by absorbing the dirt rather than chemically breaking it down. Being biodegradable you don’t have to worry about toxic chemical being flushed down the drain so completely safe to the environment! Being nontoxic you don’t have to rinse the surface after use so they are completely safe to use. I was impressed with the size of the bottle and the rather trendy design (yes it truly is possible for a cleaning product to look trendy) I have purposely left mine out on the side and had a few comments as to what it is and some have even said “ooh that looks expensive” Well it’s not, with an RRP of £3 it doesn’t really break the bank and no more expensive than competitor prices.

Not wanting to put it to a simple test, I set it straight on the sticky dried in breakfast handprints that adorned my coffee table from my lovely darling daughter.

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 5

A quick spray (not too much mind) and I left it for a minute to do its work, you don’t have to leave it but I thought I would give it a little time to work its magic and also I didn’t know how well it would remove the crummy little hand prints.

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 6

Equipped with my kitchen towel I was able to remove the grime with little effort. Isabelle watched on as I removed her handy work, no doubt plotting to add more later on. It was quick and easy and best of all no fuss. There were no fumes that caught the back of my throat like with other cleaning products I have used and I didn’t feel light headed even after cleaning my house top to bottom. In fact the smell was lovely; it was fresh and clean and really did smell of fruity pink grapefruits. It didn’t seem chemically in the slightest.
Available from and also B&Q, Homebase, John Lewis, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and the Co-op as well as small independent retailers.

Any product that means I can save more time to play with my little girl is a winner in my books!

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 7

Next for me to put to the test was the task that I loathe, the washing up. There is no other cleaning/tidying process that I hate more than washing up (actually I lie, I hate cleaning the bathroom more but it’s a very close second). I feel like my hands are constantly in water which results in me have dry and often sore hands. We were sent the Method washing up liquid in the Zingy Green Cucumber fragrance which comes in a 532ml bottle with a pump action top. I was rather impressed with the pump action feature although I was often heavy handed with it and ended up squirting myself with washing up liquid.

The washing up liquid is designed to cut through the toughest grease and stains whilst keeping your hands soft and again kind to the environment as it is biodegradable and the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and also recyclable.

It is made from Coconut derived biodegradable cleaners, aloe Vera gel and vitamin e combined for powerful cleaning whilst keeping hands soft .

I purposely decided to test it on one of my worst hates, a casserole dish that I had used to make a lasagne in. It was full of dried/burnt in cheese, sauce and sticky pasta. I would usually leave a dish like this to soak for an hour but decided that since we were testing the effectiveness of the washing up liquid that I would skip the pre-soak and head straight for scrubbing. Marigold free I set to work filling the sink with hot water and a couple of pumps of the washing up liquid. The smell was amazing, I loved the freshness of the cucumber, and it smelt so clean. I was able to cut through the grease and break up the ruminants with little effort but had to put some elbow grease into cleaning the burnt in areas. I found this to be a little easier than I would normally be even after a pre-soak. My dish was left crystal clear with no streaky marks or an oily residue. I found the washing up liquid to be a nice consistency and it didn’t feel slimy in the slightest. Again the packaging and container look great and it’s very functional.

With an RRP of £3 it is a little pricier than other leading brands but it really does last a long time as a little goes a long way and you get quite a large 532ml bottle. Available to purchase from

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 8

Next came one of my favourite Method products, the hand wash. Straight away I was drawn to the funky tear dropped shaped bottle. Again the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. I loved the look of the bottle so much that I purchased one for my bathroom to. The bottle was designed by the award winning product designer Karim Rashid (think bobble bottle, Alessi and Prada) and would not look out of place in a swanky celebrity pad.

We were sent the French Lavender fragrance but it is also available in Sweet Water, Pink Grapefruit and Waterfall. I’m not usually a big fan of lavender scents but I really enjoyed this soft scent that left my hands smelling lovely as well as being super soft. In my previous posts I have mentioned that I suffer from very sensitive skin so I was a little worried about changing from my usual hand wash brand. I needn’t have worried, even after days of using this product my hands remained clear of any rashes and irritation. The product is 100% biodegradable inside and out as well as being Paraben and Tricsolan free. The amount of times I have to wash my hands each day (there are a lot of nappy changes) this product has really proved useful.

Available from Salisbury’s, Waitrose and at a reasonable price of £2.49

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 9

The dreaded bathroom was next on my cleaning list, I try to leave this to last in hope that my partner is home from work so I can pass the chore over to him. This time I bit the bullet and decided to test out the Method flushable bathroom wipes. Having Isabelle and my partner results in a lot of mess and since the bathroom has a lot of traffic throughout the day it is one of the places that accumulates mess. Be it food residue in the bath after mopping down Isabelle post feeding times to shaving foam in the sink from AJ, it never ends. I tend to have a few products for the bathroom and it can be time consuming using different products for different jobs. This is where the wipes are very useful; they can be used on everything, the sink, bath, tiles, taps and even the toilet. The wipe have a lovely eucalyptus mint scent which leaves the bathroom smelling clean and fresh. All the surfaces that I used the wipes on were lovely, shiny and streak free. The wipes were great quality and felt thick so they would not come apart with tough usage. I was able to use one wipe to do both the sink, tiles and bath but obviously had to use a separate wipe for the toilet. The wipes are made from natural, biodegradable fibres, so they’re non-toxic and safe for any hard surface. What do I love most about these wipes? They are flushable, after use I can simply flush them down the toilet knowing that they are planet friendly and will not block my toilet.

Available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, B&Q, Homebase, Waitrose, John Lewis, and the Co-op at £2.50 for a pack of 28 wipes.

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 10

Along with the flushable bathroom wipes we were also sent the good for wood wipes. These wipes are perfect for wood surfaces. With a lovely scent of almonds they are not too overpowering. I found them great to use, they weren’t sticky like other wood wipes that I had used. My fireplace looked a lot brighter (from all the built up dust and dirt on the sides) they removed stubborn marks and also I was able to remove a spot of wax that has been bugging me since Christmas last year. The wood looked and felt nourished afterwards. Made with 100% renewable and compostable bamboo fibre wipes that biodegrade and contain no plastic binders they are great for the environment. Plus they contain a non-toxic wood polish are and where the first ever specialty surface wipes to be recognised by the DfE programme, along with their steel for real, daily granite and leather love wipes available in this range. I loved these wipes, they came out one at a time which I found very useful as it’s a pain when I try to get a single wipe out of packets and end up with a few all coming out at once.

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 11

The packet is also very handy with a rather nifty push button to open lid. My little girl targets wipes and will happily sit there and empty the packet but with this button release lid she isn’t able to get to them. As with all Method products they are kind when they come into contact with skin and they left a lovely almond scent on my hands after use which makes a change from the harsh chemical smell that I have been used to with other polish wipes.

RRP £3.50 for 30 wipes

Review - Method Eco Friendly Products 12

Lastly we came to use the product that I was most looking forward to reviewing; Method Laundry Detergent.
I get through at least one load of washing per day, with baby clothes, adult clothes, cushion covers and bedding my washing machine is always on the go. It’s often like a laundrette in my household.

The detergent comes in a brightly coloured light weight compact bottle with pump action. It contains a plant based formula that is 8x concentrated for powerful cleaning.

Now a lot of my washing contains horrid stains from food to stains from the not so pleasant explosive nappies. I struggle to get these stains out in just one wash so they often have to go through two cycles before I am happy with the results.

The product claims to only need just 4 pumps per wash to be effective, I have heard this before so was a little doubtful that the detergent would be powerful enough to not only clean my clothes but also leave them smelling fresh. Imagine my surprise when I removed the baby gros and sofa throw from the washing machine that had gone in covered in pasta sauce to now be stain free. Not a mark on them! Even the bibs came out clean. The detergent gets to work straight away and is immediately drawn to dirt and stains.

The easy dose pump means that there is no mess of excess powder scattering around avoiding waste and there is no fuss measuring out how much you need for a load of washing. My washing machine is quite the old timer now and I often find that power clogs up in the drawer so I don’t get the full amount of detergent in the wash but with the Method detergent I don’t have that problem.

I’m always very careful about changing detergents especially with a young baby; I don’t want anything to harm her delicate skin. With Method I know that the products are safe to use for all family members.

The ultra-concentrated biodegradable formula reduces the average laundry detergent lifecycle carbon footprint by 35%.

The fragrance that we had received was fresh air but I found it didn’t really smell of anything but there are two other fragrances available – free & clear and peony blossom.

At a cost of 24p per wash it doesn’t break the bank and being a green product Method have every right to be proud.

RRP £5.99 for 25 washes

I have loved testing these products, well done Method I am deeply impressed!


  1. I love method products, I really can’t praise them highly enough.

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  3. Thanks for the review, I’ve been reading mixed reviews and I’m glad that you’re a fan. I’ll have to give the kitchen spray a try! 🙂

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