30 Days

November happens to be a busy end exciting month for us, it marks my birthday and that of the Mr’s, it’s also the build up to Christmas and most importantly in just 30 short days it will be our daughters birthday.

This year she will be the grand age of two, this is the last month that I can still call her a baby and it makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to our adventures together and watching her grow but it’s still the end of something, she’s not going to be my baby for much longer, she’s a little girl with her own personality and her own mind.

The transformation into toddlerdom started when she took those first steps and gained independence in a form of mobility. She began to tell me what she wanted and needed, she learned how to tell me “No!” She knows her own mind now, if she doesn’t want to do something then she isn’t going to do it. We’ve discovered the joys of toddler frustration and toddler tantrums and no doubt we have more to come, the days of my tiny baby are long gone. Truth be told I miss them more than I thought I would do, I miss the days of her sleeping in my arms after a feed, I miss watching her learning to roll, crawl and stand but I am glad that I have been there for all of them. I might sound crazy when I say this but I even miss those early days of night feeds, yes that’s right, I miss them. I miss the bond it brought us and the alone time together and the closeness that came with it.

But like I said, she will always be my baby and I’m enjoying every minute of it


  1. I was going to say ‘she’ll always be your baby’ before I saw the last line of your post! Bud is 2 and a half now and sometimes I look at him and wonder where my baby has gone, other times, especially when he is asleep, I can still see the baby he was.

  2. My youngest will be 2 in December. It really is bitter sweet. I’m loving that he is so much fun now with a real sense of humor and his own personality but I do miss cuddles with the tiny baby he used to be. On the up side at least I know that 3 is a lovely age and then so is 4, so there’s plenty to look forward to. 😀

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