The Transistion from Baby to Toddler

The Transistion from Baby to Toddler 2

And she’s off…………………

It seems as though Isabelle is in the awkward transition from baby to toddler. Not quite a baby anymore but not a toddler just yet either.

This is resulting in a lot of frustration and screaming, I never knew that babies could have such a temper (she certainly does not get it from me!) Coupled with her ongoing teething we even have tantrums. Now even though I am petrified that my little girl is growing up, I just want this sage to be over.

It was great when she first learned how to roll from back to front, and when she sat up by herself I have never been so proud. Then she became mobile, I was warned before hand that although watching your child learn to crawl and take their first steps is a great thing it soon becomes something that you may wish to have waited a little while longer. Did I listen? No……no I didn’t.  I love that she is becoming her own little person but my god she is fast and determined. Within a matter of weeks we have gone from crawling cruising baby to climbing and standing by herself baby.

So back to this stage she is currently at, she no longer wants to sit on the floor and play with mummy she would much rather be climbing her way onto the coffee table and windowsill. Yes I am impressed that she can do it but I am a worrisome parent and must stop her in her tracks. As soon as there is a twinkle of mischief in her eye I am ready to pounce. Cue Isabelle in hysterics

I still see her as my little baby so seeing her attempting to take her first steps is very alien to me.

The Transistion from Baby to Toddler 3

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