Dear Mrs Tooth Fairy………

Dear Mrs Tooth Fairy......... 2

It seems as though Isabelle has been teething forever. Since she was 3/4 months old she has been showing all the signs of teething and yet we still do not have a single tooth. I really do feel for the poor little poppet as she is clearly experiencing discomfort with her gums but we are at a loss as what to do.

We use  Ashton & Parsons, Nelsons Teetha, Bonjela, Dentinox Teething Gel and many other teether toys to try and comfort her. I only hope that we now get a few through at once and end the misery for a while (especially the broken sleep at night)

So now Mrs Tooth Fairy, please pay us an early visit, we don’t want to wait much longer….

Dear Mrs Tooth Fairy......... 3

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