Little Legs || Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run

Little Legs has always been fiercely competitive and active, and as such really enjoys sports (I wish I did when I was her age) She really wants to try her hand at everything, which we more than are happy to support and encourage. She takes part in multiple afters school activities which is great as we would rather have her taking part in sports than playing computer games. It’s only in recent years that the Mr and I have taken to more athletic hobbies such as running and cycling, both of which Little Legs has taken to like a duck to water. She has the running bug which is spurred on by her competitive spirit.


A few years ago she set herself a huge goal, she would like to run a marathon. Now we aren’t about to sign her up for a marathon, we’re taking baby steps and she’s starting off with something a little more manageable. This year, Little Leg’s will be taking on the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run (well the Simplyhealth Junior & Mini Great Manchester Run) Something that she is very excited about.


She will be running with her Dad as I’m out of action at the moment due to recent surgery but I will be there supporting them both from the side lines. Little Legs is very much looking forward to the weeks of training ahead, I’m not quite sure that we can keep up with her.

The Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run consists of a 10K or a Half Marathon and then there’s shorter distances for the for the younger ones with the Simplyhealth Junior & Mini Great Manchester Run.

If you quite fancy taking on the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run on Sunday 20th May, then get yourself online to register.

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