Quality Family Time on Holiday

Quality Family Time on Holiday 2

There’s nothing that I enjoy more than some quality family time on holiday with my loved ones. Looking back on my childhood, family holidays have always been close to my heart and provided some of my favourite memories.From the first time that I stepped on a plane to my first experience of Disney World, travelling and exploring has always been a valued part of my life. The family holidays and adventures that we take now as parents, will be providing the memories that our daughter will look back on fondly, for the rest of her life.

Family holidays allow us take some much needed time away from the stresses of everyday life back at home. They provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones by spending quality time and sharing new experiences together.

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Spending Time With Family

I recently discovered from a recent study by Solmar Villas, families only tend to reconnect after day two of a holiday. I guess this makes sense as its one of the first days you start to relax and unwind after travelling and exploring your new surroundings etc.

I’ve found that as Little Leg’s is getting older, she is less inclined to spend time with us and much prefers to keep herself busy with her own friends and interests. Just like the 86% of people in the survey, we agree that holidays provide key bonding time between parents and children. We are grabbing every opportunity we can, even if it’s just a weekend away to create those family memories and spend some quality time together.

On holiday, I really enjoy the being able to disconnect from technology and take a break from social media. We obviously take lots photos but without being tied to our phones, we can really enjoy those moments and making the memories rather than just trying to capture them.

Family time on holiday

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The Perfect Family Holiday

The perfect holiday for us is all about freedom of choice, that’s why we tend to book a private villa through Solmar Villas for our getaways. It gives us the freedom to come and go as we please and just be more involved with each other, without the stresses of everyday life. I don’t have anything against package style hotel stays but they don’t really work for us, we enjoy our own space.

When renting a villa, I have the security of knowing that we don’t have to worry about my little one around strangers, we can fully relax, enjoy ourselves and feel at home. You get that home away from home experience, with all the benefits of home comforts. We particularly enjoy the freedom of being able to do our own thing like having BBQs with a bottle of wine in the evening and not being tied to menus and mealtimes. We can also sleep in without worrying about having to get dressed quickly or missing breakfast. We love having the flexibility to cook and eat, as and when.

One of the major advantages of renting a villa is the spaciousness. Let’s face it, you never quite have enough space in a cramped hotel room with a full family and all your belongings. It’s not quite as relaxing when you are all confined to one hotel room. I also enjoy the lack of having others around, if you book a villa with a pool then it’s yours alone, you have complete privacy with nobody else (but your children) to share it with.

Villas offer the perfect solution for us with a huge selection available across Europe, all within easy reach of beaches and amenities. Each time we return home from holiday, I feel like we have all recharged and developed in some ways, especially Little Legs. We’re a close family but it often feels like we are more in sync with each other and content when we return home.


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