Isabelle’s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12 – Gifts for Children 2 years +

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12 - Gifts for Children 2 years + 2

Personalised CD – Prezzy Box

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12 - Gifts for Children 2 years + 3

Children will LOVE to hear their own name in bedtime Stories…
With our unique CDs, your child’s name is recorded into the storyline so they hear their name each time! The friendly narrator speaks directly to your child as she takes them on their own special adventure.
Three CD’s are available to choose from; Nursery Rhyme Land, The Solar System and also The Three Little Pigs.

iCan Talking Toddlers

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12 - Gifts for Children 2 years + 4

As featured in our 0-2 years post about Babbling Babies, the second part to the set it Toddler Talk. Toddler Talk’ is an activity pack to promote communication development of toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old. In a surprising piece of research, it has been found that in some areas of the UK, over half of the children going into school don’t have the communication skills they need to learn, make friends and succeed. There are many theories as to why this is the case. One thing is for sure, toddlers need help to learn to talk. This help comes from a close, trusted adult who responds to toddlers’ attempts to communicate and who provides stimulating environment for them to learn. The skills learnt in these early years affect later behaviour and success in school and in life. For many children, talking does not come naturally and for all children learning through play helps. Toddlers and young children need to hear familiar adults talking to them regularly throughout the day, every day – this is how they learn about communication and how they learn to communicate themselves. Toddler Talk includes 30 fun activities for parents and other adults to play with the toddler to develop the toddler’s communication skills. The activities have been developed by practitioners with specialist experience in developing communication with under threes. The activities are focused on the following 5 areas: 1) Attention and Listening 2) Understanding what is said 3) Learning and using new words 4) Building sentences 5) Talking socially Toddlers need the space and time to process sounds and to learn what they mean. Eventually, words build into sentences, into mini-conversations and this means that children will be able to get the best of their new learning environments.

Baghera Speedster Racer Black priced at £64.75 from The Eco Toy StoreIsabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12 - Gifts for Children 2 years + 5
This vintage metal ride on toy is ergonomically styled for comfort, providing a stylish introduction to wheeled toys for preschoolers. Features white decals, rubber wheels and easy turning wooden steering wheel.



Trunki is the ultimate travelling companion. Children can pack, sit-on and ride their own luggage whilst parents can keep them in tow. Just in case your little one gets tired, Trunki has a handy shoulder strap and new grab handle so that parents can carry them with ease. Designed by a British company, Trunki is taking the world of travelling with tots by storm—the further they travel the more popular Trunki’s become!

Mookie Street Cruz

Mookie Street Cruz

Make those journey’s out and about even more interesting. With two wheels at the front of the scooter this increases stability and helps children develop balance. Unique tilt action steering for ultimate tricks and rides with a strong deck for extra solidity. Foldable handle bar system and neck enables this scooter to be easily stored and easily carried. This lightweight scooter comes with robust, durable PVC wheels.

Cake Stand with 12 Cakes – Timeless Toys ltd £17.99

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 12 - Gifts for Children 2 years + 6

A toy which wouldn’t seem out of place at The Ritz!
This wooden cake stand holds 12 very pretty and colourful cakes, to help your tea party go with a swing.
Cakes of all manner of colours, shapes and sizes make this an attractive, eye catching toy – ideal for that upmarket high tea.

Le Toy Van Honeybake Oven and  Hob Set from The Wooden Toy Shop for £53.93

Le Toy Van Honeybake Oven and Hob Set

Le Toy Van’s Honeybake Oven and Hob set is a magnificent wooden play kitchen set that offers kids their own kitchen area for role playing fun and games. Oh how I wish Isabelle was old enough for one of these.

BigJigs Freight Train Set (130 pieces) The Wooden Toy Company  £74.75

BigJigs Freight Train

This fantastic Freight Train Set from Bigjigs Rail is jam packed with exciting features that will leave children spellbound. They will adore this one hundred and thirty piece set that will inspire hours of imaginative and creative play.

Snuggle Pets Storytime Bear available from Amazon for £40

Snuggle Pets Storytime Bear

Bring storytime to life with the Snugglepets Story Bear . When your children squeeze Story Bear’s foot he’ll magically read out the story of Goldilocks and the three bears- his mouth will really move! Parents can also plug him into the computer and download 12 other fairy tales and classic nursery rhymes from his special website, all for free. A wonderful way to bring story time up to date. We received one fo these for Isabelle’s 1st Birthday, she loves it and I know that older children will love it more.

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Table from Amazon for £122


LeapPad is a learning tablet just for children. With a built-in camera, video recorder, and a huge library of games and activities, the durable LeapPad features innovative apps that inspire creativity and turn reading into fun and games. It’s a new way to learn, a new way to play – a new way to unlock your child’s potential.

Strider Rider Balance Bike from Strider Rider £79.99

Strider Rider

With a Strider balance bike your child is engaged on a whole new level by spanning all stages of toddler development.

So there you have them, my favourite pieces for Christmas 2011

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