Isabelle’s Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 10 – Gifts for Children 0-2 years & Competitions

Haba Building Blocks

With Isabelle being a December baby it was a struggle to come up with ideas for her Christmas presents after her Birthday. So I scoured the internet to find some great gifts. So good in fact that I shall share them with you

Plug and stack master builder large by Haba £48.95 from Toyjeanius

Haba Building Blocks

These are on our very own Christmas list for Isabelle and I love them.
Allowing your child to create colourful towers and castles using stack and plug blocks

Haba Zoolino fabric building blocks £28.49 from Toyjeanius

Haba Zoolino Fabric Building Blocks

Haba’s Zoolino fabric building blocks provide babies with a fun introduction to stacking and building. Zoolino consists of three colourful soft animal friends who are able to swap heads thanks to the hook and loop fasteners on each toy. The set is made up of an adorable giraffe, a stripy elephant and and friendly looking hippo and each makes a different sound. Babies will soon learn to identify the animals by the sounds they make – which toy rattles, rustles or squeaks?

I’m Toy Pally Pirate Noah £18.95 from Toyjeanius

Pally Pirate Noah

Two traditional children’s toys in one great product! Pally Pirate Noah is a beautiful pull along construction toy from green toy company I’m Toy. Use the pieces in different ways to build a wooden pirate ship or Noah’s ark. The base can also be flipped over and used as a pull along raft to carry all the animals safely to higher ground. This eco-friendly rubberwood toy includes all the accessories your child will need for hours of fun. The pirate ship includes an opening treasure chest, tilt-able cannon, removable masts and sails, and turnable steering wheel. The pirate ship also features basic shape sorting – when constructing the ship each wooden pirate ship piece will only fit into a specific shaped hole. Noah’s ark comes with a construction cabin and 6 colourful animals. Build the wooden Ark and pop all the animals into the little holes around the ark to look out as the boat sails along. Of course no pirate ship or Noah’s ark would be complete without a pirate and Noah, and both characters are included!

Bright Starts Put & Take Purse

Bright Starts Put and Take Purse

We recently reviewd the Bright Starts Put and Take Purse, Isabelle loved it that much that we decided to add it to our gift guide. Starting from £12.99 and avialable to purchase from Amazon your little girl can have her very own handbag to. You can see our review here and if you keep on reading you can also find out how you can win a Bright Starts Put and Take Purse.

 Freya Design Boxes

Freya Design Box

Big boxes for little people, boxes designed for keeping their special things in like keepsakes, Jewellery and pretty things. Being made from solid wood they will last a lifetime. We have received one to review for Isabelle and have been impressed by the quality and the lovely design. In a variety of shapes and sizes they can also be persoalised making it a great gift that your little one will grow up loving. Available to buy from Freya Design starting from £24

Talking Holly Princess Soft Toy

Talking Holly Soft Doll

For the Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom fans, The Princess Holly talking doll is a must have for Christmas. With 5 great phrases she is sure to entertain your little one. Avaiable from £9.29

ELC Jungle Pat Mat

ELC Jungle Pat MatEncourage your baby to touch and watch the floating characters.  Ideal for use in your baby’s highchair and keep them enertained. Available from Boots at £8

Fisher Prices Precious Planets Floating Hippo Bath Toy

Fisher Price Precious Planets Floating Hippo Bath Toy

Make bath time fun with Fisher Prices Precious Planets Floating Hippo Bath Toy. Featuring four fun activities, this Hippo includes easy storage in the form of a net belly. With a flutterball, penguin with rattle beads, turtle strainer and a whale squirter the Floating Hippo Bath Toy provides hours of bath time fun. £19.99 from Amazon

VTech My First Kitchen

VTech My First Kitchen

Get ready to whip up some tasty treats!  The VTech My First Kitchen let’s you play at being a real chef with lots to see and do!Little cooks can stir the soup to learn letters, roll the dough, put food into the oven and then check to see if it’s cooked, encouraging role play.  My First Kitchen also feature a dishwasher, tap button plus salt and pepper button, all with fun sound effects and phrases, which will keep your child occupied for hours as well as helping them develop their motor skills.

LeapFrog My Discovery House

Isabelle's Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 10 - Gifts for Children 0-2 years & Competitions 1

With five different play areas featuring lights, sounds, songs and phrases, this playful home will keep little ones busy for hours. Push, slide, open close and turn – a little home for children where there’s always more to learn!

Mookie Scramble Bug

Mookie Scramble Bug

We were lucky to review the Mookie Scrmble Bug recently and since Isabelle has got the hang of pushing herself around it has been an amazing toy, she loves zooming around. It’s an excellent first ride on and helps develop many skills including balance from as little as 12 months. You can see our full review here

Babbling Babies

babbling babies

‘Babbling Babies’ is an activity pack to promote communication development of babies from birth to 18 months old. Learning to talk is the number one life skill for the 21st century. Communication is vital in making friends, letting people know how you feel and keeping you safe. Later, it helps in learning, knowing how to behave and getting on in school. New babies are geared up to communicate, they do this when they let you know that they are hungry, uncomfortable or tired. How you respond to them will teach them the skills that they need to turn these cries into words then sentences over the next two years. Babbling Babies includes 30 fun activities for parents and other adults to play with the baby to develop the baby’s communication skills. The activities have been developed by practitioners with specialist experience in developing communication with under threes. Each activity has an idea for babies from birth to 6 months, 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months. The activities are focused on the following 5 areas: 1) Playing and interacting 2) Learning to Listen 3) Learning and understanding new words 4) Expressing myself 5) Exploring and developing So, you can help Baby to babble, become a chatty baby and then a talkative toddler. When you do this, you are building on those early brain connections and giving them the best start to life.

Mamas and Papas Rocking Animal – Babyplay Hedgehog

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