The Three Games To Keep The Family Entertained This Christmas

Christmas Dinner

It’s all a little up in the air as to how Christmas may play out this year. We could be spending it alone, socially distancing, or we could get the festive period we dream of and have our family around us, sharing Christmas dinner, and all our regular traditions.

But of course, if that is the case then it’s up to you to keep the family entertained! It’s the trickiest of yuletide traditions, but never fear we are here to help.

Below you’ll find our top three games to keep you and your family full of joy over the Christmas period…

Play Bingo

What could be more traditional over a British Christmas than a game of bingo? It’s a fun game for everyone and easy to play whether you have a bingo set or you’re creating your own DIY version.

It’s also the perfect game for handing out additional prizes and can have everyone jumping off their seat as the tension builds as players get closer to a full house.

The Three Games To Keep The Family Entertained This Christmas 1
Infographic by Moon BingoChristmas Bingo Card by Moon Bingo

What’s more, you can make your bingo even more festive as Moon Bingo have unveiled their Christmas Bingo card, which offers bingo with a very special twist. Instead of marking off numbers, players must mark off the more common things we see at Christmas, such as a family member wearing a Christmas jumper, drinking eggnog and much more. It’s the ideal way to get you celebrating the big day.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

While no shops will be open, and it’s unlikely the government will be encouraging people to visit others, there’s no reason you can’t make the most of the space you have and create a treasure hunt. Whether it be in the home, out in the garden or both, get the festivities started with an early morning treasure hunt, as family members go on the hunt for their presents.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

You can make it as simple or comprehensive as you like, introducing the likes of maps and clues, as well as other goals, such as finding a link between the prizes, or the clues making players decifer a code to unlock a padlock.

Board Games

There’s been a real rise in board game sales during lockdown as more and more people seek their enjoyment from the likes of Monopoly and Cluedo.


With families potentially reuniting for the first time in many months, it’s the ideal opportunity to sit around a table together and not only get into that competitive family spirit, but also have a catch-up in what has been a difficult year for everyone.

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