Getting the best out of your family holiday

florida family holiday

It is easy to understand why Florida is such a popular family holiday destination. The beautiful beaches, brilliant blue skies and day after day of gorgeous weather – and that’s before we even mention Disney World! The Sunshine State has been welcoming families from across the world for decades. Here we provide a few useful tips about how to get the best out of your family holiday to Orlando.

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Consider your budget

Planning a family holiday can seem like a military operation if there are a significant number of you. There are cheap flights to Orlando to coordinate, accommodation to book, car hire, insurance, food and of course, theme park entry. Some people prefer to drive, often cross country to save money and make a road trip out of it. Make sure you have the right insurance and if you’ve had problems in the past with your driving record, know the difference between sr22 and regular insurance and which one you are required to have. 

To ensure you have all the costs covered, work out your budget and then stick to it. It’s very easy to get a little carried away but you will only regret that on your return.

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Ask around

Orlando is such a popular destination that you are certain to know someone who has been there themselves. Ask around for accommodation and restaurant recommendations and no doubt your friends will be happy to share hidden gems they discovered off the beaten track or money saving tips that will come in useful. There is also an abundance of information online – get yourself on forums, scan the numerous websites offering advice about the place. At this stage, it is worth discussing with your family exactly what it is they want to do out of the areas sheer abundance of attractions – remember there are only so many theme parks you can visit in a week!

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Bide your time

Obviously the busiest time of year will be during school holidays; this will also be the most expensive and you can expect things like accommodation, airfares and theme park tickets to come with a pretty hefty price tag. If you can avoid these times do, but if not, just be prepared to go with the flow and expect a queue.

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Orlando weather

From May to September you can expect Orlando to be hot and humid. You can also expect the odd torrential downpour so if you are here at this time of year, it is worth planning indoor afternoon activities, when the rain usually arrives.

Fortunately, Orlando is home to a number of wonderful shopping malls where you can snap up some genuine bargains!

Hurricanes are a possibility but you really shouldn’t let that put you off as they don’t happen often. If you are to be unlucky, follow every single instruction give by locals. Floridian people are seasoned experts at dealing with storms so they will guide you through it.

Alternative family holiday activities

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Despite what you might think, Orlando isn’t just about the theme parks and there is a lot to do besides go and visit your Disney friends. You want to get the most out of your holiday so remember that there are other equally thrilling attractions including Gatorland, Cirque de Soleil, water parks, nature reserves and much, much more.

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