Earliest Childhood Memories

Earliest Childhood Memories 2

I love visiting childhood friends an reminiscing about the past. All those happy memories from as far back as I could remember. Admittedly some of my memories are a little blurry now but the happiest of memories are the most clear.

I remember at the age of two I was chased and stung by a wasp, yes I know this should’n’t be a happy memory but it was. The hours that followed were that of my mother buying me my first tub of bubbles, at such a young age they were magical and I was transfixed by them. I was taken to the park that afternoon and my mother blew bubbles at me as I slid down the slide. I can even remember the clothes that I wore (A  blue t shirt and white shorts) My wasp sting long forgotten.

At the age of three, I was taken on holiday to Barcelona by my aunts. Like any three year old I was very impressionable and at that age I was beginning to develop fears. This particular holiday was what sparked my childhood fear of dogs, not because I was bitten/chased/attacked by one but because one of my aunts told me a story about a fictional character that she liked to call “Jimmy Green Teeth” In this case Jimmy was a dog and he would watch naughty children and take them away. He lurked in bushes and had yellow eyes. I never saw this “Jimmy” but it was enough to leave me paranoid and suspicious of every dog that I came across. Luckily I grew out of this fear after a few years of hysterical crying that there was a dog walking on the same road as us. At the time I was petrified but now I look back and chuckle, there aren’t a lot of memories that can be fearful ones and still make you smile.

Of course mine are not the best examples of happy memories but they are the most vivid of my earliest memories. On reminiscing it occurred to me that as parents we will be creating memories for Isabelle. I want to create those happy memories for her and be there for her bad memories. I want her to be able to look back and smile.

Earliest Childhood Memories 3

Jimmy as depicted in the very graphic MS Paint Picture

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