I am not an outstanding writer, nor do I intend to be. My intenions are simply to share my experiences in hope that they an help, amuse or even just pass the time for others.

So where do I start?

With less than a month left, not taking ino account that it is entirely possible that I go overdue until we meet our little girl for the first time.  We are soon going to be parents.
As the days loom closer, I am beginning to realise that I cannot be completely prepared for parenthood no matter how hard I try.

I was inspired to create this blog when I was offered the following two pieces of advice

1) Go with your instincts,  a mother will always know what is best for your child

2) Remember that you will not always be right, take advice when you need it. Others have been there and done that.

Quite the contradiction supplied in those quotes but what I did take from them was that I will make mistakes and I am not going to be the perfect mother. I was not going to be a terrible mother as I firmly believed that motherhood does come with a certain instinct. I would know if my baby was unhappy or content, fair enough I may not know how to resolve things but thats where I have the option to ask for advice. There would always be somebody that would know what to do and share their experiences

The thought of being a parent didn’t seem as daunting after I had come to this realisation.



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