Horses: Brushing Boots

Horses: Brushing Boots 2

‘Prevention is better than cure’ This is the same ideology that most of us are trained to follow, that is the reason we pay hefty amounts to get medical insurance for our loved ones. Similarly, if you own a pony or an adult horse, it is better to get a good pair of brushing shoots for your adorable runner and protect his/her legs from getting injured.


Why does your Horse Need Brushing Boots?

Horses are purely athletic creatures and have shared a long and remarkable partnership with the human race. Over the years, advancements in the automobile industry have replaced horses in many parts of the world, but an estimated 100 million horses are still used for transportation and agriculture in less developed and remote areas. However, in the modern era also, horses engage in activities such as longeing, reining or eventing which can cause severe injuries to the horse’s legs.

These are just a few reasons that explain the critical notion behind getting your horse booted up and prevent from inducing any severe damage. While it can be quite confusing to select the perfect pair for your four-legged friend, below is a short checklist that will help you in choosing the best suitable brushing boots for your horse.

Size Matters

Adult light riding horses usually weigh between 380-550 kilogram and can also sleep while standing. The minimal stats mentioned above clearly state the level of stress that horse’s legs bear and why do they need a shoe which fits their legs well and is utterly comfortable. A boot which is uncomfortable or tight can cause rubbing and soreness, and a boot which is loose or is not tied up properly can also make the horse step up on its own boot which can also lead to a leg injury.


Support or Protection

There are many manufacturers which are offering brushing boots that will protect your horse’s legs from getting injured but ultimately it’s you who has to make a choice and decide the type of boot that serve your purpose. Below are a few significant examples of the kind of boots which are used to protect and even provide additional support to your horse’s legs during exercises and other competitive activities.

Galloping Boots – These can be categorised as an all-purpose brushing boot that helps in protecting your horse’s legs and are one of the most affordable types of brushing boots available out there.

Splint Boots – These are also one of the oldest types of brushing boots which are commonly used in basic exercises. These too are quite affordable and protects your horse’s legs from sustaining any leg injury.

Tendon Boots – These are used to protect the tendon area of the horse’s front legs from the hind hooves while cantering or landing while jumping. They also protect the inside of the legs from brushing injuries, and these boots have a hard plastic shell on the outer side but can also vary between leather and other materials.

Another type which is gaining popularity is support boots which not only protect your horse’s legs but also help in supporting your horse’s leg while engaging in jumping and landing. Similarly, It’s even adamant for the rider to wear good quality country boots as it will prove to be a saviour for your legs if you might fall from your horse.

These were a few pointers that will help you in choosing the brushing boots that can help in protecting your horse’s legs and can save a lot of distress that you might have to face in the worst case scenario.

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