Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 2

For pet owners, animals are a huge part of the family. If you are anything like me and the 1000’s of pet lovers across the UK, I absolutely adore our pets. They have featured quite a lot on this blog over the years and as a family we try to include them in everything that we do.

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 3

When it comes to celebrations like birthdays etc we always know that any pet themed gifts are a huge hit. Personally,  I love anything pet related from house décor like prints  to more novelty items. One year I received a pair of Wellington Boots with Springer Spaniels printed on them. I wore them until they eventually fell apart, but they were one of the best gifts that I have ever received.

 We’re that family that will even buy our pets gifts and celebrate their birthdays with “dog friendly” cakes, so its safe to say that pets are big part of our lives, just like many other pet owners across the UK.

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 5

If you are stuck and are looking to buy the perfect gift for a pet lover in your life, I’ve rounded up my top five gifts for pet owners that are sure to be a hit. For those who are passionate about pets, these gift ideas are guaranteed to leave a huge smile on their faces.

Top 5 Gifts for pet owners

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 6

Novelty Personalised Pet Socks
Novelty socks are always a winner, especially if they have your canine or feline faces printed on them. I think they are quite a thoughtful gift and definitely won’t break the bank.

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 8

Personalised Pet Portrait Illustrations
I really love having prints on the walls at home so personalised pet portrait would be the ideal gift for me. (I have already asked my partner to purchase three prints of our pets so we can hang them on our stairs after we decorate). The detailed pet portraits from vectorpets are the purrrfect gift for pet lovers.

Personalised ‘Where’s “Dog”?’ Book
Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 10I’ll admit that I’m one of those people that could happily sit with a “Where’s Wally?” type book for hours. Last year my partner bought me a Star Wars “Where’s Wookie?” version which we spent hours competitively searching through. Imagine my delight when I discovered you can create your own personalised “Where’s my dog?” Book

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 12

‘Wipe your paws’ coir door mat
For the more practical gift, there’s always the “Wipe your paws” door mat. There are so many variations available with different fonts etc to suit every style. I think they are such a cute and practical gift. I’ve been looking at them from sellers on Etsy and even added one to my own wish list.

Top 5 Perfect Gifts for Pet Owners 14

Furbo Dog Camera
One thing that I really dislike doing is leaving the pets at home alone. When we have to leave the house without them, I always wonder what they are getting up to and if they have settled, especially the dogs. The Furbo dog camera is a device that lets you check in on your pet at any time, you can even talk to them and provide them with a treat! It’s a little more on the pricey side but it would definitely be a hit (I’m sure my dogs would love to receive treats when we aren’t in the house too!)

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