Time for a Treat

Time for a Treat 2

As a parent it’s very rare that I actually treat myself. Usually my income goes towards paying bills and spending the rest on my daughter. Quite often I feel the need to justify spending money on myself and I know that I am not alone.

This month we strangely had a little spare cash after our outgoings and the Mr was very quick to treat himself. Usually any spare money gets put to one side for our savings but having spent the past year spending all of my hard earned money on Isabelle I decided that it was about time for some “Mummy Luxury” as well as purchasing items that I had been putting off buying in favour of pretty new clothes for Isabelle to add to her already large collection.

This month I wanted something I hadn’t had for a long time, some me time and a nice hot relaxing bubble bath with my favourite bath time products from Lush. A massive bar of chocolate that I didn’t have to try and eat in secret away from little eyes and hands.


These were my little luxuries but I didn’t stop there. For months my purse has had a busted zip, the magnetic clasp on the front had come loose, it was time to replace my trusty purse.

Some of you may know by now that I love love love bags so shopping for a purse meant that I was in my elements. Ok is wasn’t quite a bag but it’s very nearly there. Not one to waste any time I had narrowed down my search, I didn’t want anything too expensive but I didn’t want to buy something that would fall apart after a few months of use. I also needed a timeless design, I’m not really one to keep up with fashion trends but it had to be stylish and useable with all of my bags. There was only one place to go……Radley.

I knew what I wanted straight away, the Cirencester Purse in the bright and vibrant daffodil colour.


Ok so it wouldn’t match all of my bags but it would match my new Radley Austin Satchel that I had also purchased.

radley Austin

Both perfect for the summer months ahead, even if we have a typical rainy British Summer, I will have the summery bag and accessories.

To top my mini spending spree off, I finished with the ultimate luxury for a bedraggled mummy, a well needed hair cut.

I feel like a whole new person!

How do you like to treat yourself?


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