Turn Your Home Into a Pet-friendly Paradise

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We spend a lot of money on our pets in the UK. We love them a lot and see them as part of our family, from dogs and cats to rabbits and lizards. When you have a pet (or more than one), you want them to feel like they have a comfortable home, especially if you have a rescue animal. Whether you’ve just got a new pet or you want to make improvements to your home for a pet that’s been with you for a while, you can do some things that help to make your home a paradise for pets.

Give Your Pet Their Own Space

Every pet deserves their own space. They need somewhere they can go when they want to get away from it all or even just somewhere they can sleep and call their own. When you’re making your home more pet-friendly, make sure your pet has their own space to use as they wish. This doesn’t have to be a whole room dedicated to them. It can be little corners and nooks that they can go to for relaxation. Your dog might have their own crate to feel safe in, and your cat might have a cat tree to climb.

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Make Your Home Fun

Keeping your pets entertained is a must, especially if you have pets that don’t go outside. It’s important to play with them every day, but it’s also useful to give them ways to play on their own when you’re busy. You might make sure that your cat or dog has plenty of toys that they can play with on their own. Smaller animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs can have toys in their cage or hutch, or they might even have a playpen or run that they can use for enrichment.

Think About the Garden

Even if your pet mostly stays indoors, they might get out in the garden occasionally too. You could give them a free run of your garden or they might be contained within one area to keep them safe. If you let your cat come and go, a microchip cat flap can let them leave and enter while keeping other cats out. Dog doors are available too and can allow your dog to go out whenever they want to. You can take steps to make your garden more fun too, whether you build a run for your rabbit or have things for your cat to climb.

Keep Things Safe

Safety is extremely important in your home too. You need to keep your pet safe, whether they’re inside or outside. This can include a lot of things, from tidying up regularly to ensure there’s nothing on the floor that your pet might try to eat to keeping any dangerous plants out of your home. It’s a good idea to make sure you’re well-informed about the dangers that are specific to your pet so that you can pet-proof your home appropriately.

Help your pet feel more at home by creating a more pet-friendly home that’s welcoming and fun.

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