Review–Yoomi The Self Heating Bottle

Review–Yoomi The Self Heating Bottle 2


Recently we were asked to review the Yoomi Self Heating Bottle with the Microwaveable Pod, knowing that sometimes Isabelle often likes a warm bottle of milk when going to bed it seemed like the perfect opportunity.


Yoomi had recently launched the Microwaveable pod to coincide with the existing warming system. The clever and unique warmer (pictured below) warms feeds in under 60 seconds to the perfect temperature 32-34 deg C (breast milk temperature)  requiring no batteries or AC charging units.


So how does it work?

You simply charge the warming unit by placing it inside a pan of boiling water (or steam steriliser) and leave for 25 minutes. Now if you are anything like me and forget to do these things or simply don’t have enough time there is now the nifty little microwave pod that allows you to charge your Yoomi Warmer in the Microwave in a rather impressive time of 2 minutes!


Check your microwave power first as the instructions state slightly different times depending on the power and wattage of microwave. To ensure the  warmer is fully charged remove the pod part way through the heating time and shake vigorously then continue to charge in the microwave.

After recharging leave the warmer inside the pod to cool for 75 minutes at room temperature or 20 minutes inside a cold water sterilising tub.

Each warmer can be recharged up to 150  times and to help you keep on track there’s a little tick list included in the instruction manual to tick off the times you have charged the warmer.


Review–Yoomi The Self Heating Bottle 3

So are they safe?

Of course they are, all of the Yoomi feeding products are 100% BPA free and meet the highest of safety standards. The warmer itself uses the same gel as they use in hand warmers which is a non toxic concentrated salt solution.

Just to be extra safe, the lovely people at Yoomi added a food grade colorant so that any leaks of the salt solution are visible. Also the solution contains Bitrax, which is a safe but bitter substance that will ensure that even if there is a leak, your child will no swallow any of the solution.

It is also impossible for the Yoomi warmer to heat the baby’s feed above a safe, maximum temperature.

What else do these bottles help with?


All Yoomi teats are anti-colic shaped teats to help reduce and prevent colic in babies. The teat contains SIX anti-colic vents which allow the air to pass out of the teat rather than bubbling it’s way through the feed as your baby drinks.

The teats of the bottles are also a natural shape which helps aid an easy latch on.

Can they be used with expressed breast milk?

Yes, they are suitable to use with both baby milk formula and expressed breast milk

Are there different sixed bottles and teats?

Yes, the bottles are available in 5oz and 8oz sizes and the teats can be purchased from slow, medium and fast flow teats. The teats and warmers are interchangeable across the range

Yoomi Warmth Within Plush

Not only did we receive the 8oz bottle and pod but we also received the Yoomi Lamb. These aren’t your average little lambs though, they are the Yoomi Warmth Within Plush. Specially filled with treated wheat grains and scented with French Lavender.

On arriving into our household the Yoomi Lamb became an instant hit, he was given the name Lamby and now Lamby has to go everywhere with Isabelle. At night times Lamby has his routine to, starting off with a quick spin in the microwave. No I haven’t gone crazy, the Warmth Within Plush animals are designed to be cosy bedtime buddies to provide a soothing scent and gentle warmth. Just like the Yoomi Microwave pod, the lamb is very simple to warm and even has the microwave guidelines imprinted on his little tag.


Lamby has become an integral part of our household and Isabelle carries him everywhere, if we leave him behind we sure know about it.


Overall I have been mightily impressed with the Yoomi products and only wish that we had discovered the Yoomi warmer when Isabelle was born, it would have saved us so much hassle with the night feeds on having to boil the kettle and wait for the water too cool enough to feed.

You can purchase the Yoomi Bottles, warmers and the Warmth Within Plush animals online direct from the Yoomi Shop

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  1. Makes feeding times so much more enjoyable and quick! Great product

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