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Yippydada Kitty

I am a changing bag fiend and I am always on the lookout for that little something extra when it comes to changing bags. When I was pregnant it was a totally different story, I didn’t do my research and I picked a bag simply because I liked the look of it, which I later realised was a big mistake. As much as I liked the design it just didn’t do its job and never performed as I expected, don’t get me wrong I loved that bag but the older Isabelle became the more I had to carry with me and the lack of support, space and practicality of the bag made it difficult to use.  The final straw came after washing the bag (probably 100% my own fault) and the internal magnetic clasp of my messenger style bag became loose inside the material. After this I couldn’t close the bag so I had to research my next choice… obsession steamrolled from there.

Yippydada Logo

Yippydada asked us to review a changing bag from their range, the Kitty Baby Changing Bag. After lusting after one for a while I could not refuse and I excitedly awaited the postman with the delivery of my new bag.

 Yippydada Kitty

Yippydada was established in 2011 and they have rocketed to success with these must have affordable changing bags. With an online store boasting of lovely designs and prints there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. Me, I love the animal prints of the Kitty and also the Lynx.

I wasted no time in ripping open the packaging after scaring the postman with my enthusiasm for the parcel. Inside all the wrapping with the help from a very intrigued Isabelle, I found my lovely new bag. Now even if you are a fan of the changing bag from the pictures, you need to see it in person. I couldn’t wait to take Isabelle out so I could wear my new bag. Being removed from the dust bag, there was my Yippydada Kitty in all its’ glory.


Yippydada Kitty

The bag poses an exotic twist on the classic animal print, its’ print being a monochromatic snow leopard pattern with Silver detailing around the back from the straps, zip and also the strip that runs the entire length of the bag. A nice little surprise was the lovely added keyring in the shape of a pink cat that hung from the handles. On first inspection I noticed that there was really no skimping on detail, the inside of the bag was just as well thought out and stylish as the outside. The lining, a clever wipe clean material, again continuing the high standards with the fabulous monogrammed pink detailing.  As well as this Yippydada have also included their unique label on the inside of the bag which sits seamlessly with the rest of the design.

Yippydada Kitty

Along with the bag came the accessories, who doesn’t love accessories?

These included an insulated bottle holder, very practical for keeping bottles warm and being made from the same material of the bag, it is also very stylish.  Isabelle no longer has bottles during the day but if we were staying out for the night we would use it.

Next is the changing mat, again is follows suit and has the same material of the bag along one side of the mat and the other being the standard white surface. All materials are wipe clean which is a bonus for those messy changes.  The mat folds up to a neat size which fits inside the bag nicely without being bulky. To stop it unfolding inside the bag (which was a big bug bear with a previous changing mat/bag combination) they have added a Velcro tab to keep the mat secure.

Another extra with the bag is a small wet bag/pouch in a white material which embellishes the Yippydada logo. I love having a wet bag for taking a spare set of clothes out with us for Isabelle. As much as we try to keep her clean there is only so much we can do for a very curious sticky fingered toddler. Food, Spilt drinks and leaky nappies are some of the reasons that we have to take a spare set of clothes with us. The pouch isn’t that big but it will hold a full spare set of clothes. If an accident occurs then we can simply dress her in her clean clothes and place the dirty clothes into the wet bag so that we don’t have dirty clothes lying around the changing bag.

An adjustable shoulder strap is also provided with the Yippydada Kitty which is great for me as I can carry the bag on my shoulder leaving my hands free to deal with Isabelle.

Inside the bag there are 5 pockets, four large elasticated pockets and one secure zip pocket. I was relieved to see how many pockets were available as I like to keep things organised, especially since my partner often has trouble finding things so when I tell him exactly which pocket an item is in then we don’t have the entire contents of the bag being pulled out just to find Isabelle’s soother. The pockets are easily accessible which means no fiddly bits.

A great feature of the bag is the key attachment in the inside of the bag; I was forever losing my keys in the depths of my changing bag. Well not anymore, now I can attach my keys to the clip and I will know where they are, with a press of a button they can easily be removed and just as simply slipped back on.

 Yippydada Kitty

So overall I love the design, I love the little clip for my keys, I adore the pouches on the inside, they are massive. What I love the most is that the Yippydada  Kitty is versatile both in look and in function and its affordable.

I love it, love, love love it!

Available to purchase from the Yippydada Online Shop for £55

If you have fallen in love with the changing bag and want one of your very own (or would like to treat that special mummy in your life for Mother’s Day) the lovely people at Yippydada have given our readers a 15% discount code to use on the their website if you are going to buy the Yippydada Kitty.

Just enter Karina15 for a 15% off your purchase, did I mention that this includes free shipping? No? Well it does!

Go Grab yourself a bargain!

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