6 Great Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

The holiday season is right around the corner, and now’s the time to get your Christmas gift list sorted. Getting Christmas gifts for your near and dear ones can be challenging, from friends to family to colleagues. Custom gifts are an excellent option if you want to do something different this year.

You can curate a personalised gift hamper for your loved ones who will remind them of you every time they use it. What could possibly be better than that? This guide outlines some excellent custom Christmas gift options. You can get custom gifts made by contacting online outlets that provide design and printing services.

Personalised Christmas Gift Ideas

Custom Christmas Pullovers

Pullovers are staple Christmas outfits. Rather than going for traditional red and green colours, you can curate custom pullovers or personalised hoodies for your friends or family. If you’re considering a gift for your parents or children, you can design a custom pullover for them that includes a family photo, maybe from last Christmas or from your previous trip.

The top of the design could read something like “Merry Christmas, from the Smith family” or anything else you think will be fun and festive. People also like to put pictures of their pets, and we think it’s an excellent idea.

Custom Christmas Mugs

Imagine drinking hot cocoa on the eve of Christmas from a new mug that has a photo of your family on it. Why not give the same to your sibling or your spouse? Mugs are something people use virtually every day. If it’s not for morning coffee, it’s for evening tea, or even hot cocoa.

Remind your loved ones of you and how much you care about them each and every time they enjoy a drink in their new mug. You can also use a Christmas quote or a funny pun to make them laugh. Design a mug yourself and get it printed by an online store. If you don’t have any great photos to use, consider hiring a photographer who specializes in family sessions.

personalised Christmas gift ideas

Matching Keychains

This is a gift much suited for your partner. If you like to wear or own matching stuff or don’t but rather try it this time around, having matching keychains is a good Christmas gift idea. Rather than conventional key rings, you can get something custom-made for you.

One idea is to get your initials printed on each ring and exchange it with your partner. You can have your partner’s initials on your key ring and vice versa. Consider getting each other’s pictures printed as well. A good custom gift store should be able to print your photos on tiny key rings. In any case, it’s the thought that counts.

Photo Clock

This may be a much more elaborate idea, but worth considering if you’re willing to put in the time, effort and money into it. In this, you can get 12 of your family’s pictures printed on a surface, each of them indicating 12 marks of a clock. Four pictures should also do the trick. If the photographs signify specific numbers of the clock, that’s even better. If not, we assume your family can read the time and know what’s where. These pictures can then be arranged to form a clock. Again, it’s an elaborate gift, but worth the effort.

Personalised Pillows

Another excellent, albeit a bit cliched, Christmas gift idea is personalised pillows. Pillows have been long exchanged during the holiday season as gifts. It’s not unusual to give this to your child or sibling, or even your grandparents.

Your loved ones would think of you every time they hit the sack. But rather than going for something conventionally festive, you can add a personal touch to the gift by adding a family photo or a personal quote or affirmation. If you want to give it to your child, you can write words of encouragement, or a simple Merry Christmas should suffice too. Pillows are also valuable gifts, so consider gifting them to someone you care about.

Custom Candles as gifts

Custom candles are good gifts for co-workers. They strike a balance between professional and personal. You can use a work photo or a work quote to customise the candle for the one to whom you are gifting. If you have a beautiful office photo with several of your colleagues, you can order custom-scented candles for all of them with that picture on it and earn some credit points in your workplace. Consider gifting a set to your boss too.

Custom gifts can be ordered easily online now, thanks to the availability of various stores that offer print on demand services. If you have chosen the images or the whole design, you can share the same with the store

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