Christmas Films

Christmas Films 2

Every year I look forward to watching Christmas films, as soon as they start to appear on the television I know it’s almost Christmas. The best part about watching them is the memories that they bring, they remind me of previous Christmases with family and loved ones.

From the ever classic ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ to ‘It’s a Wonderful life’ and the animated children’s ‘Mickeys Christmas Carol’, I love them all. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I get the excited feeling and those Christmas tingly butterflies just like when you were little and going to bed on Christmas Eve.


What I am looking forward to most this year is introducing these movies to Isabelle, I want to share the Christmas Magic with her. The first on our list is to watch The Snowman, it’s a Christmas must have, you cannot start or have Christmas without it, it is a necessity just like minced pies, the Queens speech and that large tin of Cadbury’s Roses. I can remember watching it from being as little as 3 and for me it still holds that magical quality. Then we have A Charlie Brown Christmas, even though it was created in 1964 it doesn’t date for me, it brings out my inner child just like it does when I watch Elf. Come on we all know that everyone loves that film.

Lethal Weapon, yes that’s right, I went there. It’s a Christmas film and an action one at that so I can get the Mr to snuggle up under a blanket with me whilst I enjoy the Jingle Bell Rock and exploding helicopters. Unfortunately its not for Isabelle so we have to wait until she is in bed for that one. I’m hoping that the Mr buys us the box set of movies this year.


You cannot have Christmas without ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ and ‘The Santa Clause’, I remember going to see it at the cinemas when I was younger (I would have been the lovely age of 9) with my mum and family, its not a memory that sticks out all the time but when I see that film I can remember that day. It’s funny that just a film can bring back so many memories.


Finally my all time favourite Christmas film, the one that I can watch over and over again without tiring ‘The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation’  It’s heart warming and funny which is what I want in a film. Even the Mr enjoyed it with me, in 2010 it was the first time he had seen it, and he created one of the memories that stands out for him. You see the first time he watched it was our first week home with Isabelle. The nights when we could not get her to go to sleep we snuggled down together with our film and newborn, it was our first week as a parents, so when we watch that film now it reminds him of when we brought Isabelle home from the hospital.

Why not create your own memories and traditions with DVD’s for Christmas? It’s the best time to cosy up with your family and friends, stuff yourself with sweets, chocolates and snacks after that large Christmas lunch.

Here’s my top list of films for Christmas, see what tickles your fancy

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Lethal Weapon

The Santa Clause

Love Actually

The nightmare Before Christmas

Bad Santa

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Home Alone

It’s a Wonderful Life


A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Snowman

Mickeys Christmas Carol

White Christmas

The Polar Express

Miracle On 34th Street

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jingle All The Way

Bridget Jones Diary

Four Christmases

While You Were Sleeping

Christmas With The Kranks

Deck The Halls


All I Want For Christmas

If you have any favourite Christmas films, leave me a comment and tell me all about them, what makes them special to you?

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