Little Leg’s Training Update || Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run

Little Leg’s Training Update || Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run 2

Some of you may already have read about Little Leg’s running goal, she will be taking part in the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run with her dad this weekend.


Running is her new favourite thing to do, she completes her mile a day with school and often likes to join myself and her dad on park runs. I’ve taken part in a few organised races and Little Leg’s has always wanted to join in. Well now she’s getting her chance and has well and truly got the running bug.


Over the past few weeks she has been out training with her dad, I have to admire her commitment, at her age I would never have stuck at it but she is determined. Little Leg’s has been getting up early for a little run before school and then again in the evenings if time allows. I’m not quite sure how enthusiastic she will be about her morning runs after the event on Sunday but she might surprise us?


We asked Little Leg’s if she had any running tips, so here are the running and event preparation top tips (from a 7 year old)

Don’t run on an empty stomach
Eat before you run, you will find it more enjoyable. Little Leg’s favourite is fruit, yoghurt and granola, she says “It gives me all the energy that I need to run my fastest”

Warm Up
”Make sure that you stretch and warm up first, you will get aches and cramps if you don’t.”

Stay Hydrated!
”It’s important to make sure that you stay hydrated before and during your run”

Pace yourself
”Don’t go running your fastest straight away, you will get tired”

”I like to listen to music when I run, my mum helped me make a playlist”


Have fun!
”Make sure you have fun, you aren’t going to enjoy your run if you aren’t having fun”



Most importantly “BE PROUD OF YOURSELF”

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