Firefly Love Potion Review

Firefly Tonic Love Potion

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast the shop shelves are full of all things glittery, heart shaped and cuddly.

I’ve never really been into the whole buying gifts for your partner for Valentine’s Day and to be quite honest we’re not really a lovely dovey couple.  I love the idea of spending valentine’s day with the one that you love but I get to spend every day with my partner, I think since we first became a couple all those years ago we have only sent each other a car on one occasion and even then it was one in jist. Don’t get me wrong we’re not emotionless fools, we just appreciate all the time we spend together and one special day a year just really isn’t enough. There has been one year in which I became slightly irritated at our lack of valentines celebrations and that year was the one we spent living in a house share. After a long day at work I was promised a lovely cooked meal after I had a long soak in the bath….sounds romantic eh? Well I did get a meal, a meal of fish fingers whilst he played computer games with his friends. Who says romance is dead?

Now that we have our own little family things are different, and although we don’t celebrate valentines we make the effort to spend it together…..alone, certainly with no friends or fish fingers.

Firefly Tonic Love Potion

We were offered to try the new Love Potion from Firefly Tonics, willing to give it a go even just for the experience of trying a new juice we accepted the offer and awaited its arrival. The Love Potion is a new limited edition drink made from 100% all natural ingredients. A delicious passion fruit and blueberry combination mixed with natures naughtiest botanicals.

When it arrived I was suitably impressed with the packaging, a rather lovely bottle adorned with lip-stick kisses. It certainly caught my eye.

With absolutely nothing artificial, just lovely fresh fruit juice it was certainly our cup of tea.  Just like our regular drinks it wasn’t carbonated, which really appealed to me. I’m not a big lover of fizzy drinks.

Being a 330ml bottle it was just enough for use to share at breakfast time with our blueberry pancakes at the weekend.

On reading the ingredients at the back I was very surprised to read how many there actually were that went into making this drink, most importantly the botanical extracts. These botanical extracts included Angelica, Passionflower, Jasmine, Cardamom, Chocolate (yes, really CHOCOLATE!)  and Rosemary, Mother Nature’s aphrodisiacs!. That’s quite the long list already without the main ingredients of Still Water, White Grape, Passion fruit, Elderberry, Orange, Blueberry and Lemon……..

What also caught my eye was the calorie count, just 105 calories per bottle. I was rather impressed, with a small amount of calories and the promise of chocolate I could have found the drink I had been looking for.

Firefly Tonic Love Potion

The juice itself is a very vibrant colour, very inviting.

So for the taste, upon drinking it you could really tell that it was all natural. There was no stickiness that you can get with some fruit juices and it didn’t cling to the glass. It was delicious and certainly quenched my thirst. The flavours were amazing but not overpowering, I was expecting it to be quite sweet but much to my liking it had a little sweetness but not too much.

Unfortunately the botanical aphrodisiacs failed to have any effect much to my partners disappointment, it may have had something to do with the fact that I had a teething 14 month old in tow…..who knows?

Firefly Love Potion is available to buy in Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods, Harrods and other quality independent outlets with an RRP: £1.69 for 330ml

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