Transform Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Kitchen worktop

We all know that once in a while the kitchen needs some TLC, and we all want to be able to transform our kitchen into the perfect space for not only cooking but hosting too. 

The kitchen is one of the most costly parts of the house to change, and many kitchen companies will charge upwards of £10,000 to get the job done and make it brand new. But is there another way? 

Today we want to show you some of the ways that you can transform your kitchen without emptying your pockets and spending the earth. It is easier than you think and for a small cost you could end up with the perfect kitchen this year. 

Revamp your kitchen cupboards and add new knobs 

When looking at your kitchen you will most likely notice that the biggest impact on the design of the room is the cupboards. Kitchen cupboards come in many forms and wooden ones can become boring and dull over the years. However instead of getting a whole new set of cupboards you can instead invest in some gloss paint and some new door knobs. Navy gloss paint with some stunning copper door knobs on top will transform your space immediately without you having to fork out hundreds or thousands for new fittings. 

Swap out old taps 

One of the simple ways to make your kitchen feel more like the luxury kitchens you see on TV is to upgrade your taps to new ones. If you have a hot and a cold tap consider upgrading a mixture tap in chrome. You can even go one step further here and have a boiling water tap installed for when you want to make a quick cuppa in the morning. 

kitchen breakfast bar
Consider vinyl cupboard decals 

If you don’t have wooden cupboards and instead have PVC ones – a simple way to avoid getting rid of your cupboards all together is to invest in some cupboard vinyl decals online. Think of wrapping a car  – they use a huge sheet of coloured plastic and blow dry it onto your car to adhere it. The same applies with your kitchen cupboards and you can change the colour easily and cheaply this way. You can even find decals with a marble or wooden finish depending on what you want. 

Paint your tiles 

Now is the time to take a look at the tiles on your kitchen wall and consider how you can improve them. Tiles are easy to paint and this is something that not enough people consider. Instead of spending two days ripping off old tiles and adding new ones – simply paint your tiles a new colour and allow this to change the whole dynamic of the room in one afternoon! When trying to transform your kitchen on a budget the best thing to do is consider the easiest ways to do it – less work = less money. 

Lay a vinyl floor 

Flooring is a huge part of your kitchen and it will have an impact on the overall look and feel of the space. When you are looking to lay a new floor in your kitchen it is a good idea to consider laying vinyl instead of wooden or tiles. Vinyl is not only much cheaper but it can be laid down with less work and is super easy to clean. You can find vinyl flooring in pretty much any colour or pattern you want and it will make your kitchen brighter without costing you too much money. 

grey and white kitchen

Add a herb garden 

One way to transform your kitchen in a good way without the money is to install a herb garden into the space. A herb garden can be placed on a shelf in your kitchen and will provide you with a lovely feature that will lift the design of the room without taking too much out of your picket. The added benefit here is that you will be able to cook with fresh herbs and this will improve your meals! 

Consider a splashback 

One of the simple ways to add some fun colour and design to your kitchen is to add a splashback. A splashback is a feature that will go behind your cooker and will stop oil or grease from splashing up to your wall and staining it. You can choose a bright colour here if your kitchen is generally neutral and it will add a focal point and something of interest to the space.

Use these tips to make your kitchen look and feel better this year without the cost! 

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