14 Top Tips to Design the Perfect Home Office (on a Budget!)

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It is undeniable that the pandemic has changed endless aspects of our lives, from how we interact with others to the way we work. Some of us were already used to working from home, while others are still trying to find their feet in the new workplace – the home office. During the first lockdown, we all made do with what we had and ended up working from the couch, kitchen table, or even from bed. 

However, now, the stats suggest that most of us will continue working from home for years to come. Therefore, if you have been planning to redesign your home’s interiors, you should not miss out on the chance to design a home office that fits your needs. And, you can do so with what you already have and on a budget – check out the tips below!

Pick the Perfect Spot in Your Home

First off, it is crucial to identify the right spot for your home office. In the best-case scenario, you will have a room that is underused and ready to be transformed into a new home for your business. However, most professionals will just have to make do with a renovated storage space or just a corner in the less used room in the house. Whatever you have to work with, there are some adjustments that can help you make it work!

Work from home office

Make Sure It Receives Plenty of Sunlight

One of the most important aspects to consider is natural light. Of course, natural light is important to help you get all the vitamin D you need for a healthy life. However, sunlight can also help you keep at bay the effects of fatigue and tiredness, allowing you to feel happier and energized during the day. The best way to get enough sunlight is to ensure that your office has a south- or west-facing window. And, of course, this perk allows you to let in fresh air whenever you need it!

Pick a Spot Away from High-Traffic Areas

Whether you are lucky enough to have a whole room or you have to make do with a corner, make sure it is located away from high-traffic areas of the house. For example, the kitchen and living room are the places where most of the action takes place. So, they will also be noisier and cause more distractions, which can become a problem if you conduct your meetings over the phone or via Zoom. 

Opt for a Closed Room

Not everybody has a dedicated room to spare in the house. However, if you can convert a storage room instead of settling for a corner in your bedroom, that is preferable. Indeed, a room that you can close allows you to have extra privacy, and you won’t run the risk of getting interrupted during an important conference call!

Create the Right Environment and Design

Once you have picked the perfect spot, it is time to create an environment and design that can promote productivity and motivation. When doing so, it is crucial to understand how our surrounding environment can influence our mood, health, and mental well-being. Working in a place that is airy, filled with sunlight, and free of clutter can help you perform better. 

Opt for Minimalism

The first tip to achieve a clutter-free home office is to embrace minimalism. This is not the practice to refuse all items and decorations to your comfort’s expenses. Instead, a minimalist lifestyle puts an accent on high-quality, healthy, and long-lasting items that will enrich your environment without creating clutter. When creating a minimalist office, leave out unnecessary elements and keep it as streamlined as possible. But don’t cut back on that one item that makes you smile!

Decorate with Plants

Decorations are important to give your office a personal feeling and create an inspirational feeling. Nonetheless, decorations can add clutter and make it more difficult to keep your office clean at all times. That is why you should opt for plants. Plants add a touch of colour to your space and purify the air, while also being easy to replace and move around. If you are looking to decorate your space on a budget, plants should definitely be on your shopping list!

Use Smart Storage Options

Research shows how clutter negatively affects the brain, creating a cumulative effect that can make you more fatigued and tired. Because the brain has to work twice as hard to process the clutter before it can focus, dwelling in a cluttered room can also significantly affect your productivity. You can get rid of paperwork and unnecessary items by smartly storing them in concealing boxes and drawers. Make sure these are kept in order!

14 Top Tips to Design the Perfect Home Office (on a Budget!) 1

Invest in Healthy Furniture

Once you have picked your spot and you have invested in the right design, it is time to pick the furniture to put in your office. Of course, budget is one of the first factors to consider. However, you will be spending much of your day in the office, so make sure it is a comfortable and healthy place where you can spend hours undisturbed. 

Opt for an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs can be more expensive than normal chairs, but they can help you remain healthy even after hours of sitting in front of your laptop. Ergonomic chairs allow you to move more freely, encourage you to keep the right posture, and they offer that lumbar support you will need to avoid backache!

Consider a Standing Desk

Sitting might be a comfortable choice for some time, but it can end up influencing your health. Investing in an adjustable standing desk can make it easier to spend more time working. Standing instead of sitting has also been linked to better circulation, fewer joint problems, and better posture. If you are planning to spend so much time at your desk, make sure it can help you remain healthy!

Don’t Skimp on Tech.

When it comes down to completing your home office, you should not hold back on tech. Of course, picking only the devices and software you actually need is crucial, but you should also consider that this is the most important investment you will make to run your business from home.

The WiFi Signal Has to Be Strong!

First off, it might be time to finally switch your WiFi provider! If you have been experiencing issues or you need an even stronger connection, this is the right time to upgrade it. Indeed, you might have been fine until now, but over the next months, you will need a connection that can keep you online while the other members of your family are watching TV, following online lessons, downloading music, and keeping up with their work calls!

Get the Right Phone Contract

A lot of the action in a home office will happen over the phone. You will have meetings to attend, and phone calls to make. While a landline is no longer something to consider, you really need a contract that grants you perfect coverage and optimal rates. Websites such as https://halfcooked.co.uk can help you scan the market and find the right provider for your needs.

Use a Wire Management System

Once you have all the devices you need to run your business from your home office, you should make sure that everything is organized and won’t create additional clutter. One of the essentials for your home office is a wire management system. Some desks will come with an integrated one, or you might need to invest in a cable management system to keep them all out of your way!

Consider Using Two Screens

A great way to increase productivity is to invest in another computer or laptop, so you can work on two different screens. Of course, this depends on your budget and space. However, it allows you to work on two different tasks at the same time, without having to cope with annoying interruptions. And, you can even check your emails and switch between the two when needed.

Tips for Life in the Home Office

When crafting the perfect home office, make sure you also think about creating an ideal work-life balance. It can be difficult to determine boundaries and limits when working from home, especially if you sometimes procrastinate. Indeed, without a proper work schedule, you can easily mix up personal and business time. In turn, this won’t allow you to fully enjoy your time off work and add stress to your daily life. 

Make an Agreement with Your Family

The home office should be a dedicated, private place where you can focus on your work. While you might not be able to cut yourself out of the daily life that’s going on in your household, you should ensure that others know when you are busy. These might seem like too strict agreements at first, but they will allow you to enjoy your brakes even more! 

Get Outside As Much As Possible!

While creating the perfect environment in the office is crucial, it is also important to get out of it as much as possible. Having a window in the home office can help you get the needed light and fresh air, but it won’t be as good as having a walk outside when you need it the most. So, make sure you take regulated brakes, and you spend them outdoors!

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