I’ve not had much luck with Appliances

broken appliances, dryer. tumble dryer

We’ve not had much luck recently with appliances, in the past week alone our fridge has broken down, our tumble dryer failed and the hoover had an accident. Easy to cope with individually but all together it made for a very interesting two weeks.

Unfortunately our fridge had to be replaced as it was beyond repair, it wouldn’t have been so bad if we hadn’t purchased our food shopping the night before, we should have suspected that something was wrong when the freezer section was defrosting itself but no; we ignored it and plodded on. This resulted in a god awful stench the following morning and a lovely puddle of fridge water across my kitchen floor much to Isabelle’s delight as she was straight in splashing around as I attempted to mop it up as quickly as I could. My total time without a fridge was approximately two whole weeks, much to my partners’ dismay he had to sacrifice his beer fridge in order for us to have some fresh food. Honestly I do not know how he coped.

The tumble dryer, well we haven’t really had it that long, just over a year, it was a novelty to us at first as we had never had one before that but as soon as it stopped working I felt as though I had lost a limb. How did I possibly dry my washing before it had arrived? I was struggling, we couldn’t have the radiators on due to the nicer weather we have been having lately, it would turn our little humble home into a Swedish sauna. Instead I bagged up my wet washing and ventured around the corner to my nanas house, not so convenient with bag loads of washing every couple of days with a toddler in tow. My washing pile was vast becoming a mountain but on the bright side I discovered clothes in my wardrobe that I hadn’t worn in….well years. I was creating more washing than I could handle especially with Isabelle being mucky and needing a change of clothes 2-3 times a day, it’s not ideal having to coordinate a timetable for use of my nanas washing lines.

broken appliances, dryer. tumble dryer

Now my little hoover, named Desmond has been a little trooper, coping with a dog, cat, baby and general daily grubbiness for the past few years without any glitches until last week when he met with my partner who somehow managed to pick it up and as he claimed “it just fell apart”….I somehow do not believe it. Poor Desmond still carries on though, his clip that holds the container on has snapped off but I can still carry on with my daily cleaning duties which will have to continue for a while as Dyson parts do not come cheap. I discovered this when my partner (yes the very same one) left poor Desmond in front of a lit fireplace, I’m sure I don’t have to explain that plastic does not fair very well when exposed to heat, so the hose on the hoover melted.

Then we had an issue with our boiler, the issue being that it packed in completely and after weeks of engineers coming out to replace parts it was decided that we needed a whole new boiler. Nearly three weeks of no heating in the cold weather and no hot water was excruciatingly annoying, especially with Isabelle. Bath times for her became shower times which was trickier than you would expect, we were wearing extra layers to the point of it being difficult to move with all of our padding and we were burning through electricity like it was going out of fashion with electric heaters attempting to provide some warmth in our rooms. The bills for electricity that month still bring tears to my eyes.

nuts and bolts, nuts, bolts, fixings, fasteners

Last year we had trouble with our oven, the heating element had gone, now I’m not very technical when it come s to large appliances but I soon discovered that the oven became useless in its purpose when we couldn’t actually cook using the oven. I don’t know if you have ever had to do it but thinking of healthy meals that could only be made on the hob was harder than I thought. We ate a lot of pasta and rice dishes. I dreaded phoning the repairman for the oven, I could sense my purse strings tightening at the thought. I had always put off any kind of repair and protect service but at times like this when a large appliance keels over then I wish I had.

My repairs have been quite costly which I doubt they would have been if I had taken the time to have them serviced once in a while. I have learnt from my mistake so hopefully when I am in need of oven repairs or a new belt for my tumble dryer I will be covered in the future but fingers crossed I won’t be in need of any repairs anytime soon.

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