The moment you break your neck trying to answer the phone in time

The moment you break your neck trying to answer the phone in time 2

And you are greeted with “Good Morning, please can I speak to Mr Barrow?”  You see the person that had our number before us was on lots of telesales lists, maybe he enjoyed them? We get calls for Loft Insulation, PPI, life insurance, Personal Injury Specialists, any many others, all pitching for sales from Mr Barrow.


Understandably they have the number on a database, its not the callers fault, I could be Mr Barrow for all they know. What really gets on my nerves is when I explain that they have the wrong number and the call does not end there, they try and pitch to me instead with something along the lines of “Well this could also benefit you”. I am fairly sure that if I needed any of those services I would contact them but at the moment I am fine and dandy without them. I admire their perseverance and the almost desperation for a sale but when I am receiving calls at 9pm I am not going to be interested, especially when the phone ringing wakes up my toddler who then decides that it is play time for the next hour before going back to bed.

We have signed up for the telephone preference service and also BT Privacy at home with the option to have caller display turned on, so luckily we can check to see if we recognise the number now but it is a pain when sales calls are a daily occurrence. None of which are for me, they are directed to Mr Barrow or “Am I speaking to the home owner?” and I can guarantee that 90% of my calls are sales calls so I am fairly sure we are on every telesales list possible in the UK. So no I do not want your cavity wall insulation, I am not in need of new windows and doors even if they are buy one get one free and to my benefit I haven’t had any accidents or injuries that haven’t been my own fault in recent years.

Cold calls and telesales are a right old pain in my backside!

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  1. Crystal Jigsaw

    at 11:38 am

    Sick of cold callers here, too. I’m sat next the phone most of the day as I work from home, but they are an absolute pain in the arse. A lot of them get through the TPS knowing full well that they’re breaking the rules.

    CJ x

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