Boys and their Toys

Boys and their Toys 2

When we first moved into our current home, we certainly weren’t expecting to start a family here. It’s a very small house which was perfect for just the two of us. Our now nursery room was once the makings of AJs “Man Room”. Not satisfied with having his abundance of tech gadgets downstairs he wanted his own private room upstairs to do his “manly” things, whatever they are I do not know. I let him have his own way as I was promised a corner, yes a whole corner in this room in which I could have a desk and working space, a place to call my study.

We had purchased a whole new lot of furniture including sofas, tables and shelving for this room and we had decorated the room to AJs taste. He was adamant there would not be a hint of femininity to be found in his room. All we had to do was purchase his TV and surround sound and move his equipment upstairs. He had spent a lot of time hunting around for the best lcd tv deals.

I did explain that he would not need anything too big but he was sure the bigger the better for his room. After much consideration he had decided that we would just move our current 42” LCD TV upstairs and then purchase a new LED TV for downstairs as it didn’t make sense to have the new TV upstairs. It wasn’t an easy choice for him to make, he wanted a glorious man room to rival other man rooms with gadgets galore.

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From a range of gaming consoles, sound systems, computers, laptops and a wall of films and music he would have no reason to leave the room, we had even purchased a beer fridge to complete the look. I was starting to get excited about our project, I would have my living room back so I could sit and read and even watch the TV shows that I wanted to watch in the evenings. We would both have our own space but before we could hang the curtains and add the finishing touches to his new room we discovered we were going to be parents. The man room was very short lived; the old whiskey and beer signs that adorned the walls were replaced with pretty and colourful canvases. The walls were repainted with bright stripes and soon all ruminants of what was the once man room had disappeared. I could see that AJ was disappointed; his sacred space that he had worked hard for had vanished in less time than it had taken to create. At the same time we had something else to look forward to, it was a room that would extend our family and start a new chapter in our lives for us to enjoy.

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The Nursery

AJ never got his new TV but he did move all of his equipment downstairs so he has a dedicated “man station” so he couldn’t complain. He was happy with that until now, Isabelle has taken a liking to all of his shiny tech gadgets and wants to enjoy them along with her dad.

What we have now realised is that Isabelle’s belongings have taken over the whole house so every room has now become hers. It would appear that it’s time to move house again.

Boys and their Toys 3

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