Which Superheroes Set Good Examples for Your Kids?

Which Superheroes Set Good Examples for Your Kids? 2

As comic book universes continue to grow in popularity, we’re seeing see a fair bit of debate rising over whether or not superheroes set good examples for our children.


There are arguments both for and against this. We’re in the belief that at their core, superheroes are inherently good. They are, after all, the hero of their own stories. They defend the vulnerable and stand up for what is right. So what superheroes set the best examples for your kids to follow?


Your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman can teach your children the importance of doing the right thing. Initially when he gets the powers, he uses them selfishly and he soon realises the consequences of this. When his uncles dies at the hands of a criminal he allowed to get away, Spiderman then goes onto use his powers to try and protect people. Peter Parker can teach children to stand up for what is right, even if it can be difficult.

Captain America

Steve Rogers origins begin with him trying to join the army, but getting rejected because of his size. Then he got made into a super soldier. However, what truly makes him Captain America is his inherent belief that people are good, he wants to see the best in them. This is what drives him to fight evil – to keep good people safe. Captain America can show your children the importance of seeing value in everyone. Not to mention the values of working in a team. He’s a core part of why the Avengers work so well together.


Yes, there has been talk in the past that Aquaman is a bit of a joke in the realms of superheroes. But with a new film being released, we’re definitely not the only ones who think Arthur Curry is pretty great. Aquaman strives to protect the ocean. As our children are growing up in a world where protecting the environment is becoming a big issue, it’s important to make them realise this. So if you set a superhero in an underwater world, where they look after the ocean life and make the world better – that sounds like a pretty great example to us.


Wonder Woman

Of course, any person on this list can be admired by boys and girls alike. However, we wanted to make sure at least one female superhero gets a mention in this list. Wonder Woman, or Diana Prince, is a great example of an empowered female. It is not just her physical strength that sets her apart, but her compassion for others. She believes in herself and wants to the best for the world. What little girl or boy wouldn’t benefit from seeing a character like that on the big screen?

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