The day we found out we were going to have a baby…

The day we found out we were going to have a baby… 2

Having been ill for a few weeks I’d booked into see a doctor the following week and at this stage I thought nothing of it other than I had picked up a bug that would not shift. That same evening we were doing the weekly shop to pick up the bits that we needed. Armed with our list we trawled the isles aimlessly, that was until I hit the isle for body & beauty care products. The Mr asked if I needed Tampax, it wasn’t on my list, surely I would need a box soon. I mark all my dates in my calendar so I know my cycle, it’s impossible to miss since it came on my week break from the contraceptive pill. I didn’t need a new box because I still had an unopened box at home from the previous month, I hadn’t used it. After a few moments it started to sink in, I had missed a period, nearly two. I felt my stomach turn, we hadn’t planned this. I tried to dismiss it as being stress, I was in the process leaving a job and starting a new one, maybe it was that……stress related.

Hovering past the baby product isles I couldn’t stop thinking about why my period was late, I didn’t put two and two together with the sickness I was having, I was focussed on the missed period. Whilst adding fruit, I think they were grapes to our trolley I blurted out “I think we need to buy a pregnancy test”  bewildered the Mr asked why and I couldn’t help but chuckle at little, and so I told him about the box of Tampax that remained at home.

Bearing in mind we knew absolutely nothing about children, babies and pregnancy we headed over to boxed pregnancy tests. I remember being surprised that they were in locked clear plastic boxes with security alarms, were they really products that people steal?

Straight away we were out of our comfort zone, confronted with over 10 different types, all claiming to have different features, I just wanted one that told me if I was pregnant or not. 20 minutes later we had finally picked one and headed to the tills, abandoning the rest of our shop, we left with what we had in the trolley.

Arriving home we forced ourselves to put the shopping away, I was bursting to go to the toilet and I knew what was coming. I couldn’t put it off much longer

My heart was racing, I stayed in the bathroom on my own for a while before I went ahead with my test. Those few moments before I did it, I just knew I was pregnant. There was no doubt in my mind but I had to confirm it. It seems silly now, even though I knew I still got the Mr to check the test before I looked at it.

Perched on the sofa, I’ve never felt so vulnerable, they were the longest three minutes of my life. It’s not something we had planned in our future, How would we cope? Would we make decent parents? How would we look after a baby?

Those three minutes were interrupted by the Mr, a smile on his pale face with the words “Well, it looks like we’re going to be parents” There was no mistaking that big bold positive line that according to the Mr appeared instantly as I left the bathroom.

It took us a few days to get used to the idea and in those days we took more tests. I think it was 7 in total. We weren’t ready to tell people straight away, we were still getting used to the idea ourselves. When we did tell people, not everyone was as happy for us. Some told us we had made a mistake, one even said we had ruined our lives. We weren’t children, we had been together for 5 years and lived together for the majority of them. We were determined to prove them wrong and we have. Isabelle is the sweetest little girl and she melts the hearts of everyone she meets. You can’t help but like her. Those that weren’t supportive to start with now dote on her, she is the best thing to ever happen to us.


I’d love to know how and when you found out you were pregnant, how did you tell your partner?


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  1. Very similar to you except my partner noticed I was late! I’d been really stressed and travelling for work a lot so it didn’t even occur to me. We went to get a test and did it together, the line appeared instantly like yours, and the rest is history!

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