Pines and Needles Christmas Trees

Pines and Needles Christmas Trees 2

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, so when December comes around I get ever so slightly giddy with all the festive preparations. One in particular, putting up and decorating the Christmas Tree. There’s something so magical about it all with the glistening baubles, twinkling lights and rustic garlands.


It’s been a couple of years since we last had a real Christmas tree so when Pines and Needles offered to send us a tree this year, I couldn’t say no. You can’t really beat that divine, fresh Christmas tree scent. With Pines and Needles you can order premium trees from sustainable forests, in varying sizes to suit your needs. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t stand the chance of fitting the huge 12ft Nordmann Fir in our living space, so I compromised on a 7ft Nordmann Fir.

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The trees are delivered, well packaged by a friendly team (if you live within the catchment area, your delivery driver might even be wearing a Scottish kilt and Christmas hat!) who will bring it into your home for you. At an additional cost, you can add delivery extras such as, delivery + installation, there’s even a decoration service if needed.

We’ve had trees from Pines and Needles before and I can honestly say that we have never been disappointed with the quality. The trees are always beautiful and bushy as all trees are hand picked for delivery. However, if you are unhappy with your tree, Pines and Needles will replace it.

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I’m always like a child on Christmas morning when expecting a tree delivery and this year was no exception. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to unpackage it from the netting and see what we had this year. Like previous years, I was overjoyed with our tree. Being a seasoned pro, I’d made sure that I had the water holding stand set up and prepared. I just had to secure the tree, add water and wait for the branches to drop before I set about decorating.

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Decorating the tree in our home is serious business, I like things to be done a certain way (Little Leg’s always gets the job of decorating the back of the tree). With twinkling lights, shining beads, jingling bells and glistening ornaments, it can take a good couple of hours of decorating the tree until we are satisfied. The final job is to add the topper, again, this is always a job for Little Legs.

We don’t necessarily have a decorating theme for our tree, it’s mostly a collection of our favourite baubles and ornaments that we have purchased over the years. I love looking back and remembering when we purchased them and when we first added them to our tree, they hold some lovely memories. It’s a colourful tree that holds a lot of sentiment.

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There’s just something about having a Christmas tree that makes it seem so cosy. I love coming downstairs on a dark winters morning and popping the tree lights on, almost as much as I enjoy cosying up in front of the fire in the evening with the tree twinkling away.

Along with our main tree this year, we also received a little potted tree to keep at home. It was a lovely surprise from Pines and Needles as Little Legs loved having her own little tree to take care of.

Overall, we have always had a great experience when using Pines and Needles. We absolutely love their trees, there’s something for every size and every budget. They have always been great quality, premium trees and it shows with just how healthy they are, we’ve had very few needles drop and the trees always the entirety of the festive period. We’ve never taken up the offer of the removal and recycling service but it’s a great option for disposing of your tree when you are ready.

If you are thinking about getting a real Christmas tree this year then check out Pines and Needles for options on their delivery and tree dressing services.

*Disclosure: We were offered a Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles in exchange for our honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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