Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 2

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 3

We were delighted to be invited to the Mamas & Papas Blogger event at their Head Quarters in Huddersfield via Mum Panel to take a sneaky peek at their new ranges for Spring/Summer 2012. Being our first official blogging event it’s safe to say that I was very excited at prospect of seeing the new collections and at visiting the inner sanctum of Mamas and Papas.  Even on the day when I was suffering from a nasty migraine I still couldn’t wait to get there. Feeling rather poorly and sorry for myself I set off with my notepads and camera in tow.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 4

It was a refreshing change to be invited to an event closer to home as they are usually down south, not wanting to miss an opportunity like this I jumped at the chance.

Now it’s no secret that Mamas and Papas happens to be one of my favourite stores, we purchased our beloved Gingerbread stripy blanket which was my only baby must have whilst pregnant. It was the item that I simply had to have. Even at 11 months old it is a firm favourite with Isabelle to! Everything I know about the brand so far oozes quality and style.

What I didn’t realise was quite how much “family” played a part in the running of Mamas and Papas. Mamas and Papas is truly a family run company that started out as a small baby boutique in Huddersfield when David and Luisa Scachetti were expecting their first child, Amanda. Their inspiration to start Mamas and Papas came when they were frustrated at the lack of choice when it came to prams and nursery furnishings, they turned to sourcing their own in Italy. Their friends and family were so impressed that they were asked if they could help with their nurseries to. From then Mamas and Papas was born.  Celebrating its 30th Birthday this year, Mamas and Papas is a thriving business and one of the market leaders in nursery products, with over 50 stores in the UK and many more around the world.  Providing an uncompromising approach to quality, style and the attention to detail is what makes Mamas & Papas so special.

David and Luisa are still very much permanent features at the company and Luisa still personally approves every single product that they sell. We were also lucky enough to spend time in the company of their two daughters, Amanda and Olivia who now work within the family business. Being family focused has made me very passionate about the brand itself.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 5

After a short journey and a brief (and unexpected) trip into the Mamas and Papas Factory Store we had arrived.
Met by the lovely Lynne at Mum Panel we were taken for a quick meet and great (and a spot of lunch) then on to our purpose of the day. To give feedback and our views on the new range, this is due to be released in 2012.

Split into groups and taken around the large showroom I felt like a child in a sweetshop. It was prams & baby items galore!

I didn’t know where to look first, in every direct there were prams and carriers and toys. Dotted around on fabulous displays in many different colours, styles and shapes, I have never seen anything quite like it. It was brilliant!

We were shown around excitedly by the team everything from the latest buggies and strollers to the top-of-the-range pushchairs and also baby carriers including the new features and the new colour ways. It was great to see the staff so passionate and knowledgeable about their products. They certainly took pride in every product that we came to but also aiming to improve their products on the feedback they receive.

The first item to have a look at was the Trip

The Trip is the ultimate light weight stroller with swivel wheels.  At a budget price of £39 (yes it really is just £39) it is extremely affordable. Even though it is low in price there is no compromise on quality. Easy to manoeuvre and collapse it makes it the ideal ultimate lightweight stroller.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 6

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 7

Next came the Trek

Again a light weight stroller but the next step up from the Trip. With swivel lock wheels, a good sized basket and a slim fold it’s great for shopping and days out. An additional weather pack can be purchased for the Trek for an additional £25 which includes rain cover, hood and matching bag.
Retailing at £59

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 8

Following on from the Trek we were asked to look at the Tour

Again another stroller buggy but this time it is suitable from birth and has a reversible liner. Complete with a carry handle for when folded down and lock to make sure that it doesn’t unfold during travel etc. Featuring a Hood with viewing panel style window.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 9


Another stroller/buggy with a large hood and bigger swivel wheels. Now on this hood there is a viewing panel with a flap. The flap is fastened with a magnetic button so unlike those hoods with Velcro viewing panels, it does not make any noise. You can check on your sleeping baby/toddler without waking them up. With the benefit of a cup holder it’s great for keeping your little ones happy with their drinks.
Available for £179 or £299 for a twin.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 10

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 11

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 12

Now for one the items I was most excited about.
The Sync is BRAND NEW for Feb 2012.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 13

A brand new hybrid (cross between a buggy and a pushchair) which will be available February 2012. Suitable from birth, featuring a multi-position recline toggle system, which means there is no more no jolting your sleeping baby when trying to adjust the reclining position and there is no restriction as to what levels the seat can be reclined.  It will be available in two great colours Citrus or Berry with an all-black chassis. Like the pushchairs the Sync has a telescopic handle which is easy to adjust (great for when taking turns between mum and dad)
The best part is that folds really small with an intelligent folding system which means that none of the fabric touches the floor when it’s collapsed. Recently I have been looking for a stroller but have not had much luck; I wanted one that would tick all of my boxes. The Sync certainly does that and more. I’m in love, it was really easy to push around and maneuverer and with a rain cover included this could be the universal item I have been looking for. Could it get any better? Well at £195 it certainly does! I think I have found my stroller, maybe with this I will no longer need to have two or three prams at a time.

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 14

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 15

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 16

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 17

Now for the baby carriers

I love baby wearing so I was rather excited to see the carriers

Starting with the Morph

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 18

The Morph comes in to parts, you have the pod which holds the baby and the harness which the parent wears. With a choice of two sizes S/M and M/L and a unique design that allows the carrier to be tailored to your size meaning that the wearer and baby are both entirely comfortable. Now the main plus about this carrier is that it is aimed at parents to share the load of carrying. By simply removing the pod it can be changed between parents and simply added to the harness without fiddling with the baby to take him/her out. The click feature has been added to ensure that you know when the pod is securely in place so there is no worry of the pod becoming loose. Made from breathable fabrics so you and your baby will not overheat which can is quite an issue for me when baby wearing.  The pods are front and rear facing and suitable from birth. Available in the new all black colour/ plum pudding/ lime jelly and also dove grey, there is a colour to suit everyone. There is even an accessory pack which fits most of the Mamas and Papas carriers which includes a bottle carrier, dummy clip and bib. All of which can be attached to the carrier
Retailing at £85

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 19

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 20

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 21

I was delighted to see the next item in the carrier range. The Flo Carrier

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 22

This carrier is a baby wrap so more of what I am used to. It’s made from a lovely Jersey Cotton material and it’s also machine washable so very comfortable. With 5 metres of fabric it is very easy to work with and crosses at the back when worn. Having a unique feature of a pouch at the very front you always know where the front is when putting on the wrap. It can be used in four positions and ideal for breastfeeding parents. Mamas and Papas have been very clever and put the instructions for the carrier on the inside label of the carrier so there is no fiddling with bit of paper. I love this carrier and being suitable from birth it would have been my carrier of choice (if it was available when Isabelle was born)
At a great price of £45 it wouldn’t break the bank either!

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 23

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 24

Next came the Flex Carrier

Made from the same Jersey cotton the Flex is very similar to the Flo but is a little easier to use. Made up of three parts it is easier to use than the Flo. The two crossing sections that support the baby and the band for extra comfort and stability.
Available for £50

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 25

The Comfort

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 26

As named the Comfort is designed at the ultimate comfortable carrier for parent and baby. Available in one size that can be adjusted. It is a one piece soft material carrier. Providing optimum comfort and suitable from birth it also includes adjustable leg holes for your little one. If I could be carried around in one of these all day then I would. I imagine that Isabelle would be more than happy in the Comfort. Like the Morph it features and accessories clip for that accessories pack or even just to clip your own soothers etc on to. There is also a hood available for the comfort which provides protection from the weather.
Available for £55

Then there is the Classic

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 27

Another harness and pod design that can be carried high or low. Using a 3 click mechanism to clip the pod into place. Crossing at the back it has no lumber support which the Morph has. Also benefitting from a reflective strip it makes great for wearing at all times especially with the breathable fabric. With the Classic you get the great feature of a dummy clip so there are no panics when the baby drops their dummy. The Classic is easy to adjust as Mamas and Papas have ever so kindly added markings on the straps to adjust to the desired weight/size.
Available £58

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 28

Now on for the prams

The first to look at was the Sola

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 29

A 10kg pram available in Black, Plum, Denim, red and green.
Suitable from birth and also forward and rear facing!
It is a very popular pram and I can certainly see why.
With a compact fold so it can fit into cars with small boots. The Sola is car seat compatible with the use of adapters and there is also a carry cot available for an additional £129. A comfortable pram for your little ones complete with footmuff and liner and the added feature of an adjustable foot rest. It’s very easy to maneuverer with its lockable swivel wheels.
Keep a look out for the new chassis that will be available in February
Priced at £295

The Urbo

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 30

One of the newer additions to the Mamas and Papas pram range.
At a lightweight 9kgs it is aimed as an all-rounder and perfect for city living. Great for those days out shopping as its frame is narrow enough to even fit between the clothes rails in a clothes store and has a very generous sized basket.
Again rear and parent facing which I know is something that a lot of parents look for when purchasing a pram. Complete with a large hood that comes down far and blocks out the sun allowing your baby to sleep in piece.  Using the same magnetic button on the hood preview window. The pram features a telescopic adjustable handle which is in a very stylish black leather. Mamas and Papas have gone for a very sleek look with this pram. It is available in stone, teal, raspberry, lime and black.
Available for £345

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 31

Next was the Luna

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 32

A pram that boasts excellent value for money. It is a buggy pushchair hybrid.
Although it is only forward facing it is suitable from birth. Not lacking on features it includes and adjustable footrest and handlebar, lockable swivel wheels and removable bumper bar. You can purchase footmuffs and liners separately to really customise your pram and add that extra touch. One of the great features of this pram is the little tab inside the hood that you can attach toys to, I have never thought about this before but it really does come in handy. Available in green, blue, orchid, red and black. An excellent pram that does not lack the quality and finish of other prams from Mamas and Papas.
For the bargain price of £155

Lastly I come to the Mylo

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 33

A fabulous luxury pram at the higher end of the price scale. The elements are handmade and hand crafted. It oozes style
I can honestly say that I fell in love with this pram and it is certainly one that I would love to own when we come to having our next child. When I see this pram I have a serious case of pram envy.
You can purchase a separate ventilated carry cot (£200) that not only attaches onto the pram but it is also suitable for overnight sleeping but you can also make use of the additional stand (£75) The carry cot is truly amazing, featuring a lie flat position and also an upright position which is great for those with new babies that suffer from reflux/colic etc. The carry cot has a great feature of a pull out rest so when the pram is on the floor you can either have the cot rocking or stable and stationary with the rest.  The pram is suitable from birth and again forward and rear facing. It has an amazing fold down mechanism and can be collapsed one handed in a swift movement.
It is car seat compatible with adapters and the car seats can be removed easily with a paddle mechanism.
Available in Black Jack, Sandcastle, Lime Jelly, Raspberry Ripple and Plum.
It has proved to be a popular choice with celebrities and I can see why.
Available for £545

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 34

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 35

Visiting Mamas & Papas HQ 36

Mamas and Papas are the only nursery company in the UK to have an accredited Test Lab, which if you have ever been to IKEA and seen what can only be described as a large mallet hitting mattresses by a robot to test the quality of their products etc. All Mamas and Papas items are put to the test. From prams being put through their paces on treadmills and having weights pounded up and down on the seats and being tipped upside down to make sure that your child is safe.
Their products and pushchairs will exceed the wear and tear of everyday use.

I had a great day at Mamas and Papas HQ, I really enjoyed myself.
I would like to thank Mamas and Papas for making me feel so welcome and also to Mumpanel for the great opportunity.

You can visit the Mamas and Papas website here

Not forgetting mumpanel, you can visit them here

This is not a sponsored post.
I was invited to attend a blogging event in which
I received travel expenses, a gift voucher, and a Christmas goody bag.
All content views and opinions are entirely my own


  1. Helen Coulson

    at 10:16 am

    Sounds like you had a great time! It’s just a shame that, like what seems like every other baby store, they are stocking ‘crotch dangling’ baby carriers. The comfort looks good and comfortable for baby but the others can’t be good for their back.

    I love the overnight stand/carry cot. What a fantastic idea!

  2. They are stocking the Flo which is more of wrap, I was quite impressed with it

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